Why did Shadmehr make an idol magic betting site? (Margins of Shadmehr Aghili)

Why did Shadmehr make an idol magic betting site? (Margins of Shadmehr Aghili)

Why did Shadmehr bet on the site?

Why did Shadmehr bet on the site? It was nearly 3 months ago that Shadmehr Aghili, the famous pop singer of our country, introduced the Bat Magic site on his official Instagram page, which has millions of followers. Shadmehr Aghili’s move was met with widespread reactions from users as well as domestic and foreign media, now most users want to know how Shadmehr accepted this risk and advertised the Idol Magic site.

Why did Shadmehr bet on the site? (Margins of Shadmehr Aghili)

He was given this chance

In this world full of ups and downs

Take a step

He opened his eyes, he learned, he grew

Tried, limited

But he wanted to live his own style

So he broke the restrictions

Took a risk

He wanted to try his luck

Sometimes he lost, but he did not look back

He tried his luck again and again

Luck fell in love with him


A world for the lucky ones

Why did Shadmehr Aghili introduce the betting site?

Many famous Iranian singers living in foreign countries advertised for betting sites and this peaked in 2020, from Hossein Tahi and Sahar Moqaddas to Mohammad Khordadian and Amir Tataloo, each They introduced different to their followers, but in the meantime, the reactions to Shadmehr Aghili were much wider than other singers. بت مجیک (Betmajic) ورود به آدرس سایت شرط بندی شادمهر عقیلی

Why did Shadmehr bet on the site? (Margins of Shadmehr Aghili)

Hussein Tahi launched a betting site, the media did not pay attention. Sahar Moghaddas, Amir Tataloo, famous rappers, Andy and… each introduced Iranian idol sites either on Instagram or in their music videos, but again there was no media controversy. But with the arrival of Shadmehr Aghili, a very wide controversy arose and these reactions continue to this day.

What was Shadmehr’s reaction to the people’s criticism?

A few days after the introduction of the betting site by Shadmehr Aghili and the strong protest of users, the pop singer told his critics in an Instagram story: “People judge because it is difficult for them to think.” Shadmehr Aghili also released a video of thank-you messages that were won by working on the site he introduced.

Why do we have a problem with Shadmehr Aghili betting site?

Whether we like it or not, the betting world has a lot of fans. There are many casino hotels in most countries of the world, and betting sites have been around for about 20 years. The question is: why did we not have a problem when the Real Madrid team advertised for the BWIN prediction site for years, why do we not have a problem when we see foreign celebrities playing poker?

Why do we not have a problem when we see that Mr. Neymar has become the ambassador of the Poker Stars site, and why do we still have a problem when we see that the betting sites sponsor the world’s biggest club teams, and by the way, we are a big fan of their pills! But when we see that an Iranian celebrity enters this field, we can not stand?

The reason is that:

We are overly judgmental and emotional, and we tend to assign tasks to others, even to our favorite singers. Shadmehr lives in a free country, which is known for its colorful casino hotels, in a country where everyone has the right to choose, and this action of Shadmehr is not considered illegal.

Is Shadmehr stealing by advertising the betting site?

We call Shadmehr a thief, but he did not call those who published his songs for free on their websites or CD stores for years and pocketed millions of tomans of money (thieves). And so do we! We did not pay a rial to listen to his songs, which took hours and months to produce, and now how do we call him a thief?

Instead of constantly hating others:

We have to change our judgment meter.

We can not enter betting sites.

We can not enter casinos.

Keep ourselves away from this area.

But we can not decide on the decision of individuals.

We must learn that in a free world:

Everyone has the right to choose.

We need to think a little instead of judging early.

Features of Idol Magic Betting Site

New address of Bet Magic site

On the BetMagic site, you can predict the results of events in more than 25 different sports, or whether you are engaged in online casinos and live casinos on the Shadmehr Aghili betting site. In this site, new and exciting games have been presented that can be one of the strengths of Bat Magic site. In this site, we see very good coefficients and accurate and up-to-date algorithm has been used in Bat Magic games.

Bet Magic website address

To enter the site address of BetMagic, you can click on the links to enter the site at the bottom of the page. We provide unfiltered links to all reputable Iranian and foreign sites for people to access their desired site in the shortest time. You can also follow BatMagic on social media to get new URLs for this site.

Magic Idol Betting Games

At Shadmehr Aghili Idol Betting Site, you can play casino games in two ways. The first method is to select online casino games and the second method is to select an online casino and enter the casino tables and play live and real. In this betting site, he mentioned different types of poker games such as: Verdict, Poker, Passer, Backgammon, Chinese Poker, Explosion Game, Gichi Paper Stone, Blackjack Game, and so on.

Football prediction on BatMagic site

In this section, dear users can proceed to predict the desired game before the start of the game. Also, in addition to the 3 modes of the host board, the draw and the guest board can register the form on all options. For this purpose, click on the desired coefficient and after entering the desired amount, click on the form registration option to register the relevant form for the user.

Bet Magic site Shadmehr Aghili betting site

After registering the form, you can access the list of registered forms with information and the latest status of the form by referring to the forecast history. In this section, users can participate in competitions and register for up to 90 minutes of play. In addition to selecting 3 host board modes, they also predict draw and guest win on a variety of options. Coefficients for live prediction change at any given time.

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