The talented Carlos Alberto

The talented Carlos Alberto

Many football fans and experts claim that Brazil can be considered as the world’s factory of full-backs. Currently, betting in Kenya is possible with 1xBet bookmaker, where punters can wager on the best Brazilian footballers.

Some of the best players in this position in the history of the game have come from Brazil. Names like Roberto Carlos, Cafú, Dani Alves and Carlos Alberto have impressed the world. They are not only remarkable because of their defensive abilities. They have also been incredible offensive players who contributed with their fair share of goals. Right now, with the 1xBet Kenya bookmaker betting in such players is possible, with the best odds in the market.

The aforementioned Carlos Alberto is considered as one of the best Brazilian full-backs ever. Normally he played on the right side of the defensive line. In addition to stopping attacks from the opposing teams, he was extremely dangerous in moving forward and creating attacking chances.

A domestic career between Brazil and the United States

Carlos Alberto played professionally between 1963 and 1982. As it happened with most Brazilian players of that era, he spent most of his domestic career in his country. However, between 1977 until his retirement, he also played on different squads of the North American Soccer League. Punters can try football betting now – offers Brazilian football squads to wager on.

Some of the teams where Carlos Alberto played were:

  • Fluminense;
  • Santos;
  • Botafogo;
  • Flamengo;
  • and the New York Cosmos.

In addition to basically owning the right flank of the teams where he played, Carlos Alberto was also an excellent penalty taker. The penalties that he shot were extremely powerful and accurate. This meant that for goalkeepers it was virtually impossible to stop them. On the 1xBet website you can try football betting now on the best penalty takers from all over the world.

O Capitão

The Portuguese phrase “O Capitão” translates into English as “The Captain”. This was the nickname given to Carlos Alberto during the 1970 FIFA World Cup. He was the captain of the Brazilian squad that participated in the competition, and he was crucial in helping it to win the title. Punters can try betting live 1xBet, which is also available for the FIFA World Cup when it’s being played.

The final of the competition was played on the 21st of June. Brazil defeated Italy 4-1. The Brazilian goals came from Pelé, Gérson, Jairzinho, and of course, Carlos Alberto himself. The only Italian goal was scored by Roberto Boninsegna. Here the Brazilians won their third FIFA World Cup title. On 1xBet you can try live betting on the incredible Brazilian national football team.


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