Benefits of Masonite Board

Benefits of Masonite Board

Masonite has several advantages over most different building cloth products. Masonite is usually used in interior door production and cement board siding. Masonite offers a price-effective manner of building this is also environmentally friendly. Masonite products use reclaimed wood. The production procedure makes the completed product flexible, waterproof, and long-lasting.

Environmental friendly

Masonite products are made from recycled wood that would otherwise be dumped. This procedure protects trees and maintains landfills freed from reusable products.  A masonite board isn’t made with harsh chemicals that could damage the user or the environment. So if Masonite does end up in a landfill, it has no lasting effect on the soil or water table.


Masonite is made by bonding wood strands together with the usage of water-based natural glue. Soak wood strands in water and pour natural starch with binding power into doors, siding, and trim molds. Once the cloth has hardened, it could bend barely to shape curves and arches. Due to its flexibility, it is an economical cloth in terms of time management and setup.


Due to the power of Masonite, its miles are very long-lasting. Masonite is less possible to crack or break up whilst installed, and direct effect damages the cloth less frequently. Masonite siding is crafted from herbal cement minerals which are durable and waterproof. The siding changed into hooked up the usage of lap and vertical techniques and has remained intact for over 50 years.


Masonite expenses are a fraction of different wood or plastic materials. Doors made from Masonite vary in fee from $50 to $100. The same door built out of wood can price $300. Wood siding expenses 40 cents to $1 per linear foot, even as Masonite siding costs 10 to 30 cents consistent with the linear foot. Additionally, wood products final 1/2 of as long as Masonite products, which doubles the price of installing wood on Masonite.


Moisture: Cardboard products are susceptible to moisture and take in water, so must now no longer be positioned outside or in moisture-touchy areas.

Low Durability: Once an inflexible board product is compared to other types of engineered timber products such as MDF and plywood, the durability is very low.

Can I trim my exterior door?

We strongly discourage trimming or modifying Masonite exterior doors as those sports will void the warranty.

Should I finish my exterior door?

Yes, Masonite entry doors want to be completed within 45 days to keep the warranty valid. At US Window & Door, we offer those services, sealing all facets and meeting protocol requirements.

How do I finish and maintain my exterior door?

Masonite has a whole set of instructions on its setup and maintenance page. Please read carefully to guarantee the lifestyles of your door.

Can storm doors be used in front of Masonite entry doors?

Yes, you could use vented typhoon doorways on Masonite fiberglass and metallic access doors. Do now no longer use storm doors with Masonite wood doorways. Also, do not use storm doors with dark doors exposed to intense heat.

Can I replace the glass insert?

We can replace any door with screws and plugs on the inside. We supply glass devices for Masonite doors.