How to Stay Safe While Riding in a Public Transportation

How to Stay Safe While Riding in a Public Transportation

Riding a bus can certainly be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be! There are plenty of safety tips to follow when it comes to taking public transport that can help to keep you feeling comfortable and riding safely. Here is everything you need to know about staying safe while riding the bus. 

1. Grab a Seat or Hold On

Obviously one of the ways to keep safe on the bus is to secure yourself. Above all the social and external forces, having a secure place within the bus is an important thing. 

If you can’t secure a seat, then be sure you’re standing somewhere where you can hold on. Buse drivers often make last-minute decisions – don’t find yourself barrelling down the aisle toward the windshield in the case of slammed breaks – hold on! 

Also, experts recommend sitting in the middle of the bus on the side that does not face traffic for the safest spot. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, it may be better to sit up front, closer to the bus driver. 

2. Keep Your Belongings Close

One, it’s rude to have your items strewn across the bus or to take up too much space, but it’s also dangerous. If you have your bag sitting next to you while you’re focused on your phone or staring out the window, it’s an invitation for someone to grab it as they pass by. 

Similarly, wearing your backpack while standing or keeping important items loosely in your pockets makes it tempting for people to grab them. Keep everything in a secure place, preferably tucked away in a pocket or bag that you’re monitoring the entire time you’re on the bus. 

3. Be Respectful

Don’t stare at anyone, and don’t be disrespectful in any way that could cause confrontation. All sorts of people ride the bus, some with nothing to lose. The last thing you need to do is cause someone potentially unhinged to target you and cause issues. 

It’s always a good idea to use manners, but on public transit, it’s the understated and microaggressions that can get you into trouble, like pushing past people or talking loudly on the phone. Being as undetectable as possible is your safest bet on the bus. 

4. Avoid Loud Colors and Logos

Certain logos and colors on your clothing can cause problems. In the case of colors, gang colors may be problematic. You never know who you’ll pass by on public transport, so it’s best to avoid any potential issues. 

Also, logos may be provocative, but more than that, they can make you a target if it’s a fancy brand. If anyone is going to get robbed on public transport, the chances are that those that look to have the most money will be targeted. 

If you can, dress in muted colors to make yourself less of a target for criminals looking to find an easy mark. 

5. Remain Alert

The best tip you can receive when taking public transport is to remain vigilant. Staying alert is crucial as you’re able to react quickly and can seek help before something escalates. 

If you’re completely oblivious with your head down, unaware of who is around you and what is going on, you’re opening yourself up to being vulnerable and something going wrong. 

Additionally, make sure you know what to do and who to contact in the case of an emergency. Many public transport agencies have adopted the saying, “if you see something, say something,” and that’s true with the bus too. 

Have the emergency services for transportation your frequent on speed dial and also keep an accident lawyer’s information handy. If you’re in Los Angeles, this LA bus accident attorney may be able to help. 

6. Keep to Yourself

Avoid doing anything that invites people to approach you or speak with you. Keeping to yourself, including not making eye contact, can be crucial to keep people from bothering you. 

Too often, individuals can take a simple hello or eye contact as being an invitation to speak with you, and when unwanted, this can feel like harassment. 

For the best-case scenario, find a balance between keeping to yourself and keeping your head down, and staying vigilant. There is a sweet spot that many city-dwellers have mastered to avoid unwanted attention or conversations. 


Staying safe on the bus or any form of public transportation is crucial. While things as simple as watching how you dress and remaining vigilant can help, also being sure to seek help when needed and knowing who to contact can come in handy during times of trouble.