Sildenafil: Medicine for Treating Erection Problems

Sildenafil: Medicine for Treating Erection Problems

Sildenafil was originally discovered by Pfizer when looking for a treatment for heart-related chest pains. The medicine was marketed for erectile dysfunction (ED) after noticing that it was better at producing erections that can be maintained to successfully engage in sexual intercourse. Those who use sildenafil to treat erection problems often take the medication, on an as-needed basis, to attain longer-lasting erections.

This medication not only effectively treats your sexual problems, but it also helps with the emotional impacts of the sexual disorder. Men with persistent erection problems typically experience low self-esteem and a lack of sexual confidence, but when taking sildenafil; they are able to live a healthy life with complete sexual satisfaction.

Sildenafil medication can also be found in generic versions. Viagra is the original medicine as it was the first of its kind to be marketed for the treatment of ED. As a result, it can be expensive. There are generic options (such as Kamagra) available that have the same active ingredient as Viagra, but cost much less than the branded medication. These cheaper alternatives are equally as effective as the brand name treatments and are the same quality as well.

How Should I Use Sildenafil?

To take sildenafil, place a pill in your mouth and swallow it in conjunction with a drink of water. Keep the tablet whole and do not chew or crush the medicine. Chewing or crushing the pill will change the way it works and will also cause you to taste a bitter, unpleasant aftertaste. Also, beverages other than water, are not recommended when taking sildenafil tablets. These can affect the way in which the medication works.

You are allowed to break a tablet in half or quarter, if you need a lower dose. This will make the medication last longer and will ultimately save you money as well. you should take the pill an hour before you are having sexual intercourse as this will give the treatment enough time to be processed in your body before you require its effects.

You may take the medication before or after a meal. But if you take it immediately after consuming a high-fat meal, it will take longer for the medicine to work. This is because foods of this nature need a significant amount of time to be digested. This has to occur before sildenafil can be processed in the body, which prolongs the action of the medicine.

Is There a Cure for Erectile Dysfunction?

In short, there is no cure for ED. The medical condition also, unfortunately, is progressive. It gets worse over time, especially if not treated. Sildenafil-based medications are an effective management solution for ED. The medicine helps manage the unwanted symptoms of ED so you can continue with your daily life, without the physical and mental impact of the disorder.

However, for this medication to be effective; you must take it exactly as directed. You should use the medicine as instructed by your doctor/ pharmacist or by its manufacturer. It is recommended that you take the medication at the times that are most appropriate and according to the usage guidelines provided.

Also, you should not exceed your advised dose of sildenafil citrate. If you use more of the treatment than you should, or take the medicine for longer than you ought to, you are at risk for experiencing adverse effects.

These tablets are intended for the treatment of ED, and should therefore, not be used for any other reasons. If you take sildenafil recreationally, it is a risk to your health and you can experience fatal complications. Furthermore, this medication does not improve sexual performance and should not be used as such.

When Is It Not Safe to Take Sildenafil?

It is not safe to take sildenafil if you have certain medical conditions. The symptoms of these health disorders can worsen if you take the treatment and it is therefore, advised that you check with your healthcare practitioner before using sildenafil for erection problems. Among the conditions that do not allow the use of sildenafil are:

  • Heart problems (if you have had a cardiac attack or stroke in the past six months)
  • Blood pressure problems
  • Severe liver or kidney issues
  • Serious eye complications / disease

Moreover, you cannot take sildenafil if you have previously used the medicine and experienced an allergic reaction. This means you are hypersensitive to an ingredient in the medication (it can be an active or inactive ingredient). If you continue to use this treatment when you are hypersensitive to it, you are placing your health at risk. You will notice an allergic reaction by hives, a red skin rash and swelling of the mouth, lips and/ or tongue.

Those below the age of 18 years are also not allowed to use this medication. It is not safe for men under 18 because its safety in such patients has not yet been established. Those with mild forms of liver or kidney impairments can use a reduced dose of sildenafil.

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