How much does it cost to Hire React Native Developer?

How much does it cost to Hire React Native Developer?

The cost of hiring remote React Native developers varies depending on the size of the project, the complexity of the features, the talents necessary, the location, the engagement model, and so on. This post will go through all of these elements to give you an idea of how much it will cost to employ remote react native developers.

Before we go into the specifics of how these data were calculated, let us first understand why React Native is so popular. Facebook built React Native, an open-source mobile application development framework for cross-platform Mobile App Development. React Native is one of the best cross-platform mobile app frameworks because of its versatility, dependability, and low cost. It has been used by development teams at UberEATS, Skype, TeslaInstagram, and Airbnb, among others, and you may be interested in using it as well. However, the first issue is if you need to Hire React Native Developers to drive your idea ahead.

Cost factors to Hire a React Native Developer:

When calculating the cost of employing React Native programmers, several factors will emerge.

We’ll go over how these factors affect the cost of hiring a React Native developer.

App Category:

React Native may be used to create a variety of apps, including but not limited to utility and news applications, on-demand and even entertainment apps, lifestyle apps as well as chat apps.

Every application has unique business requirements and feature sets. As a result, the overall cost of developing a React Native app varies depending on the app category.

React Native developers, for example, will charge less for freestanding apps like clocks or calculators than for feature-rich applications like Ebay, Facebook, or wholly customized apps.

Feature of complexity:

The mobile application you want to create can have a variety of features, and depending on the complexity of the features, and you can create apps with low, medium, or high complexity. Now, as feature complexity grows, the cost of recruiting engineers may climb. However, this is not always the case, and you may have less experienced developers implement fundamental functionality at a lower cost. As a result, the development cost might differ depending on the features.

Now, consider some of the most popular app categories and assess their complexity based on characteristics. Creating a basic level mobile application with no APIs doesn’t require a complex backend, simple UI, login functionality, etc. It may employ a less experienced developer, and the task will be completed at a low cost.

The following are the primary elements considered while determining the level of complexity:

Deployment architectural approach

Admin panel development

Third-party apps or plugin integration

Adding in-app purchases

Utilization of the device’s built-in capabilities and functions

Integration of legacy or enterprise systems

User authorization

Hardware reliance

The average cost of employing a React Native developer

So far, we’ve looked at the several elements that influence the cost of employing React Native Developers. Let us now delve more into this topic and investigate the typical pricing depending on critical aspects such as developer experience, geographic region, and project scope.


Experience is very important in the software development sector, which is why clients are willing to pay more for experienced developers since they bring a wide range of skills and expertise to the table. If you already know the degree of knowledge necessary for your project, you may easily select the correct developer.

There are three sorts of React Native Developers based on their level of experience and expertise: junior, mid, and senior-level developers.

Junior: These React Native developers understand the fundamentals of components, frameworks, and APIs. You want them to be able to easily construct essential functions while also having minimal understanding of debugging and testing. However, due to a lack of understanding and experience, these developers are unable to handle any problematic cases.

Mid-Level: These are the developers that have a lot of experience because they’ve been in the business for a while. You may hire any middle-level developer to create an app with a focus on speed optimization and database storage. You also want them to provide mobile-specific functionality, cope with data storage and caching difficulties, and integrate third-party services.

Senior: These are the React Native developer supermen. Senior developers may be entirely depended on, and they can also mentor junior and mid-level engineers. Assume you want to create an enterprise-level product that requires you to deal with native libraries and frameworks, create a CI/CD pipeline, or use native development. Senior-level developers are your best bet in such circumstances. Their average wage varies from $127,861 to $157,300.

Based on the available recruiting alternatives

There are two employment choices available to you: freelancers and committed teams from development companies. While freelancers operate on an individual basis, specialized teams are made up of industry experts and skilled developers who focus their entire attention on your project.

When it comes to flexibility and development pace, a dedicated development team may be a good choice because you may add resources on demand. Another significant advantage over freelancers is straightforward and excellent communication. The reason for this is that dedicated teams have a devoted member that communicates with the end customer and addresses their questions throughout the process.

Nimap Infotech is one of the best to Hire React Native Developers and specializes in offering a world-class on-demand dedicated development team.

We assist you in expanding your technological skills by supplying the necessary talent. We would also propose a development team that is appropriate for your project’s requirements and can deliver a high-quality product on time and within budget.


Hopefully, this guide has been helpful in determining how much it will cost to employ React Native app developers or in sorting out your choices. Hiring a world-class Developer is challenging, especially if you have to source, interview, and onboard them while managing the rest of your organization. No worries, Nimap Infotech’s devoted developers are an excellent choice. Furthermore, they may always be added or withdrawn based on the needs of your project.