The Best Way to Pack and Keep Your Jewelry While Traveling

The Best Way to Pack and Keep Your Jewelry While Traveling

One of the biggest packing nightmares when traveling is packing jewelry. That’s because you worry about ending up with a tangle of necklaces, lost pairs of earrings, and broken bracelets. While it would be a shame to leave your precious jewelry at home, it feels impossible to keep them neat in your luggage.

The key to packing jewelry when traveling is selecting versatile pieces that will work with the clothes you choose to travel with. That will ensure that you don’t over-pack jewelry that you won’t be using on the trip.

Figuring out the best way to pack your jewelry so that they don’t get damaged or lost is important. A jewelry case would help. But you can also use some items from around the house such as toilet paper rolls to keep your jewelry tangle-free.

Packing Jewelry and Keeping Them Safe While Traveling

If you love jewelry, chances are that you have more than one necklace, pairs of earrings, and studs. Finding the best way to pack and keep these valuables when traveling can be difficult.

However, you must note that there’s no wrong or right answer when it comes to how people choose to pack jewelry.

In this article, we tell you how you can easily pack and keep your jewelry safe while traveling. These tips will give you the courage to travel with your precious lab-grown diamond engagement rings.

1.    Invest in a Good Jewelry Case

Having a dedicated jewelry bag makes packing jewelry much easier when going on a trip.

You can go for a case style with a hard exterior if you’re worried about damaging your diamond jewelry. Alternatively, you can opt for a soft roll style organizer. This will allow you to maximize space in your luggage.

Jewelry organizers always have compartments. You can, therefore, use them to separate different types of diamond jewelry.

You can also use a bag you already have as a jewelry organizer during trips. But since it won’t have jewelry-specific compartments, you can use other items to organize your pieces in the bag.

2.    Use Ziploc Bags for Lab Created Diamond Jewelry

The use of these bags is an inexpensive way of keeping your jewelry safe while traveling. Simply space each of your diamond jewelry in a separate Ziploc bag.

You can use these bags to pack your loose lab-created diamonds and necklaces. Remember that Ziploc bags will stop the jewelry from tangling.  Also, loose lab created diamonds are some of the strongest substances. So there’s no way they’ll get damaged if you’re careful with them. That’s thanks to the formation process they undergo to crystallize.

Once your lab-created diamonds are secure, zip the bag and pack it in your luggage. When zipping the bag, be sure that there’s a good distance between the jewelry and the zip. That’s because you must be careful as the zip can break your necklace depending on the material used to manufacture it.

3.    Use Plastic Wraps for Necklaces

Using a plastic wrap is the best way of packing necklaces. It helps to ensure that they don’t move and get tangled.

To do that, lay the necklaces out on a piece of plastic wrap. After laying them out, carefully wrap both ends inwards and seal. When you arrive at your destination, just pull apart the wrapping.

The best thing about a plastic wrap is that you can use it multiple times. After using your diamond pendants, you can reseal them back in the plastic wrap for a journey back home. This is an effective and simple way of using a common kitchen item to ensure your jewelry is safe.

4.    Use a Washcloth

You may want to get a little more resourceful when packing jewelry and decide not to buy a jewelry roll. In that case, you can make yours using an ordinary wash cloth. You just need to space the jewelry pieces on a spare wash cloth.

After placing them on the washcloth, roll it lengthwise and fold it in half. Remember to use rubber bands on both sides to secure the wash cloth. This will stop the necklaces from slipping out. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to pack your lab-created diamonds safely.

5.    Use Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap can be a great way to pack and keep your precious diamond pendants safe. You can order bubble wraps online or use the spare one at home.

To pack your necklaces, lay each one of them flat on a sheet of bubble wrap. Carefully fold at the edges and tape the length of the edges using a sticky tape. Once they are secure, roll the jewelry in the excess bubble wrap. Bubble wraps can take up a little more space in the luggage.

But despite that, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your wedding jewelry is safe. That means that the sacrifice of a little less storage for other items was worth it.

6.    Thread Thin Necklaces Through Straws

Get a straw for every delicate necklace that you’ll be taking with you. Then carefully pull the necklaces through the straws. Fasten the necklace’s clasp to secure it in place and keep it in the bag.

Note that you may need to trim the straw down to size with a pair of scissors. This will, however, depend on the length of the necklace. You can also use straws for any necklace that’s thin enough to thread through them. For chunky necklaces, choose to use empty paper towel rolls.

7.    The Use of Toilet Paper Rolls

You may think that this is a little unconventional. But a simple toilet cardboard roll can hold jewelry in different ways.

You can, for instance, clamp bracelets around the roll. You can also pin your lab-grown diamond studs into the cardboard. For your necklaces, carefully thread them through the cylinder. Then fasten them once they’re threaded through.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have the cardboard toilet rolls on top of your luggage. This will ensure the rolls don’t get crushed under the weight of the luggage.

8.    Carry Your Valuable Jewelry on you

This strategy is a rule of thumb.

Your pieces of jewelry may be high-prized investments. We don’t wish for this to happen. But should your luggage get lost, you’ll be at peace knowing that your most valuable possessions are with you. That’s why it’s important to wear them or have them in your hand bag. This is a more secure way compared to keeping them in your luggage.

Final Takeaway

Traveling with your jewelry does not have to be a painful experience. It doesn’t have to result in a knotted and tangled mess when you open your luggage.

Simply adopt a few street smart methods and know-hows in packing jewelry. That will ensure that you wear your precious lab-created diamond rings while on that business assignment.