Is Vingo the Best Indoor Cycling App?

Is Vingo the Best Indoor Cycling App?

Have you heard about Vingo? It is a versatile Indoor cycling app that provides the best features to an user. You can find support for all kinds of devices and compatibility with all equipment. True that it works best with the latest exercise bikes but you can even connect the bikes that don’t have any inbuilt sensors. This is achieved by using the ANT+ sensors. These are smart sensors that monitor important information like the speed at which the cycle will go, how fast you are cycling, etc. With these sensors, you can use the app with even old cycles.

Find Support for All Devices

The app can also be used with a variety of devices like mobile phones, tablets, desktops or laptops. Whatever be the device, you will get the same excellent experience. As of now, the app for the iOS devices is ready to download. You can also find the app to be available for other platforms like Windows & Android. However, these versions are currently undergoing an update. So, you can expect these versions to be back in the Windows App Store & Play Store soon. If you are using the app for your Indoor cycling sessions, you will be surprised at the level of features the app offers. Find all your cycling needs fulfilled inside the app.

Create Your Personalised Virtual Avatar

Since you will be cycling inside the online and virtual world, you will need a personalised avatar that resembles you inside the world of Vingo. With the app, creating your personal avatar is simple. All that you have to do is to upload a selfie or a photograph to the app and you will get your own avatar within seconds. This way, when you are online cycling your friends will be able to recognise you. The ease with which you can use these features is what makes Vingo a truly user friendly app.

Forge New Friendships by Cycling Together

One thing that is an issue for concern in your ordinary cycling is the lack of friends and support in the real world. You will not be able to find people who can cycle with you on a regular basis. However with the app, you can find people who are interested in cycling. You can do a live voice chat with people and make sure that you both share the same love for cycling. After that you can cycle with the friend together. The app also comes with easy social media app connectivity. So, you can always be connected with your friends. If you are bored of cycling, you can use the app for running exercises. It gives a good exercise experience for running too.

Stay Fit & Agile by Working Out Regularly

If fitness is your focus, then you should definitely download and use the Vingo app. The app comes with all the features that you will need to maintain a good physique. You can also find support for your needs of urgent care. So, what are you waiting for?