6 Ways to Style Your Jeans for Men

6 Ways to Style Your Jeans for Men

Jeans for men are a staple outfit that can be worn almost anywhere and everywhere. Jeans hold a versatility that cannot be compared to any other outfit. But shopping for jeans can become a bit tricky, especially because there are several varieties, fits and colours to choose from.

From straight fit to a slim fit to distressed to bootcut, there is no dearth of jeans available these days. Choosing from these multiple varieties can become overwhelming at times but once you learn how to style them, you’ll be sailing smoothly.

Apart from the style of the jeans, there are also different washes that refer to the colour and texture of the jeans such as light, dark, indigo and acid wash. If you love experimenting with your style and don’t hesitate to try them all out, how about we show you how you can style every denim trend to curate a new look every time you step out?

1. Skinny jeans:

These jeans are narrow and form-fitting overall but have a slim ankle opening towards the bottom. These are one of the tightest fitting jeans but have a slight stretch to allow for your legs to breathe. If you have been working out, these jeans are a great way to flaunt your calf muscles. Black skinny jeans can be paired with a grey sweater or a pullover and black loafers.

2. Straight-fit jeans:

These are the most straightforward fit of all time and also the most chosen designs. They are straight all the way down to the hem, giving a more casual and relaxed fit. They have been consistent in style from the beginning. You can pair straight-fit jeans with a simple T-shirt, which you can either tuck into your denim or keep it out in a relaxed style.

3. Slim bootcut jeans:

These jeans have made a comeback from the 90s. They are slim to the thigh but start to flatter out a bit towards the ankles. You can best pair these jeans with a nice formal shirt tucked in. Unlike the name of these jeans, you can pair them with or without boots.

4. Relaxed bootcut jeans:

These jeans for men are much like slim-cut bootcut jeans, but the only difference is that they are much broader from the knee down. You get a more relaxed fit towards the ankles. Also, let’s not forget the dapper vintage look you can achieve in this style. Pair these jeans with a slim-fit T-shirt, which will help you flex your muscular torso in the best possible way.

5. Distressed jeans:

A fun, casual and funky style of jeans, distressed denim is a rage these days. But you must style them subtly, such as with a simple shirt or a T-shirt because you don’t want to draw attention away from the jeans.

6. Printed jeans:

While these are not the most popular type, you can wear them if you want to experiment with your style. More apt for a holiday, you can pair your printed denim with a solid T-shirt for a balanced look.

Style your jeans in different ways and curate a unique style every time you step out.