Recover from Compulsive Masturbation Addiction with Homeopathic Treatment

Recover from Compulsive Masturbation Addiction with Homeopathic Treatment

Masturbation is among the safest sexual acts. Plus, of course, it is completely normal and natural. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, there’s nothing shameful about masturbation. It’s a wonderful way to explore your sexuality, figure out your likes & dislikes, and improve your relationship with your body. All of this, with no chance of any STIs or STDs! Moreover, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to sex and masturbation. What may seem like too much to you may be normal for someone else. Masturbation only becomes a problem if it starts hampering other areas of your life or affecting your health and well-being. Is it possible to get addicted to masturbation? Well Yes! Excessive masturbation, sex, and porn addiction problems are all characterized by compulsive sexual behavior. In such scenarios, masturbation treatment in Homeopathy is among the best and most effective ways to opt for. It helps eliminate compulsive sexual behaviors without causing any side effects.

Am I Addicted to Masturbation?

Masturbation has many health benefits, such as it promotes better sleep, reduces stress, enhances self-esteem, helps in relaxation, and many more.

Nevertheless, certain signs can indicate that your solo fun is turning into a concern:

  • You’re spending too much time masturbating to the extent that it takes time away from your other obligations.
  • The urge is so compulsive at times that you end up masturbating in places where you normally wouldn’t, such as public places.
  • Sometimes you masturbate even when you’re not aroused or in the mood.
  • You use masturbation as a coping mechanism when you’re feeling low.
  • Instead of feeling good, you feel guilty during & after masturbating.
  • You think about masturbating even when you’re doing other things or are around other people.
  • You find yourself wanting to stay home and masturbate, even if that means canceling plans made in advance with your friends and loved ones.
  • You’ve been masturbating so often that partnered sex no longer feels satisfactory or pleasurable, and you’d much rather ditch your partner and spend some time alone instead.

Homeopathy for masturbation treatment works equally for males and females and is safe. Moreover, it addresses psychological issues like stress caused by workload, loneliness, etc.

Homeopathic Medicines for Masturbation Treatment

What Causes Compulsive Masturbation?

The cause(s) of compulsive masturbation varies from person to person. Causes of compulsive masturbation may include:

  • Loneliness or neglect
  • Personal inadequacy
  • Relationship problems
  • Sexual fantasies
  • High sexual drive
  • Neuro-pathway brain changes
  • Accessible sexually explicit content (i.e., porn)
  • Substance abuse or addiction (i.e., drugs & alcohol)
  • A history of physical or sexual abuse

Can Compulsive Masturbation Affect My Personal Health?

Yes! compulsive masturbation can affect your physical health. It can affect your physical health in the following ways:

  • Genital pain, chafing or exposed and raw penal skin (on the shaft of it)
  • Painful ejaculations
  • Genital injuries & penile fractures, although this is rare
  • Musculoskeletal injuries or pain from too much physical exertion or movement

Opting for the best masturbation treatment in Homeopathy helps improve the body’s vitality.

Can Compulsive Masturbation Cause Side Effects?

It is possible. Masturbation typically does not cause side effects; however, if it is compulsive, constant, or vigorous, it can. Listed below are some side effects of chronic and/or excessive masturbation:

  • Edema – Males who grip their penises too tightly while masturbating can experience penal edema (swelling).
  • Irritated Skin – Vigorous, excessive, and/or constant masturbation can lead to chafing or skin irritation.
  • Guilt & Shame – In most cases, masturbation is not immoral, wrong, or unhealthy; however, some people may be embarrassed by their behavior afterward.

Note: Keep in mind, however, that masturbation is not linked to blindness or infertility.

Homeopathy for Masturbation Treatment

How Can You Help Yourself?

Overcoming compulsive masturbation can be challenging but not impossible. One must be consistent with the recovery process. Adopting the following strategies along with Homeopathy for masturbation treatment can help you:

  • Engaging in regular exercise
  • Pursuing sports
  • Joining self-help community
  • Developing creative hobbies (like painting)
  • Avoid pornographic materials
  • Seeking professional help
  • Avoiding solitude
  • Immersing yourself in friends or family circles
  • Using positive affirmations

Dr. Singhal Homeo – For Effective Compulsive Masturbation Treatment in Homeopathy

Masturbation addiction is a real problem that must be addressed appropriately. If you or your loved one suffers from it, ask for help. Know that you are not alone in this journey and that others can relate to you. The right support system, along with Homeopathic treatment, can help you out.

Masturbation addiction can be caused by several factors, which may be psychological or neurological. In some cases, people are able to overcome it themselves, whereas, at times, some people require professional help and support to get rid of this habit. Homeopathy for masturbation treatment helps restore libido (sexual desire) with the most effective and natural ingredients.

Dr. Vikas Singhal is a leading Homeopathic doctor who provides effective masturbation treatment. He has been treating mild, chronic, rare, and autoimmune diseases for over 20 years at his clinic – Dr. Singhal Homeo, Chandigarh. He uses individualized Homeopathic medicines for masturbation for each case according to its severity. Furthermore, patients from the USA, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, Canada, Sri Lanka, England, and many more benefitted from his Homeopathic treatment for masturbation.

While getting Homeopathic treatment for compulsive masturbation, Dr. Vikas considers various factors, for example:

  • Your feelings and behavior around masturbation
  • Whether you engage in other sexually compulsive behaviors
  • Problems caused by the masturbation habits
  • Past traumas
  • Current stressors or anxiety triggers

After reviewing your history, he prescribes individualized Homeopathic medicine for masturbation. According to your preference, you can have a consultation with the doctor in person or online. You can also receive your Homeopathic medicine for masturbation at home.

Overall, it is vital that healthy sexual habits are addressed, and unhealthy ones are treated. But, more importantly, it is essential to understand that masturbation is a healthy and fundamental part of human life. Don’t let the social stigma associated with it stop you from discussing it or seeking help.

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