Best websites to buy android app reviews

There are approximately 1.8 billion apps, downloaded from the google play store every single month. This huge number keeps on growing. Statistics like this is a tangible reason to buy reviews on android platform without a doubt.

According to the latest statistics, there are over 1.5 million applications on google play store alone. The platform is used by a strong majority of users and developers. That says that android is the most popular mobile operating system all over the world. Therefore, it makes a huge sense for a developer to buy android app reviews to reach a higher ranking in the google play store.
Below are the seven of the best mentioned sites where you can buy reviews for your android app.
1.–You can Buy Android App Reviews from this website directly as itconnects app developers with app reviewers, since there’s a direct connection between the two, there’s no chance of error.

Improve app ratings, enhance search rankings and increase organic downloads for high-value keywords. Fill your “Most Relevant” section with wisely curated reviews from the pool of experts.
On the reviewers are getting paid to make reviews in their own time of leisure and in the comfort of their homes, worldwide. So, the reviews come from all over the globe. Getting positive reviews with 4- or 5-star ratings will take a lot of time and effort, but with you can achieve that is a span of a few hours.
2.– This site doesn’t have any limits in terms of users but it only supports free app in reaching their review goals in the google app store. You can run ad campaign on this site and get approved via email, then you can select the package that suits your requirements. Though this site offers expensive solutions, it comes with a lot of suitable packages to choose from. For your android app reviews need, this site will get the work done, with every order taking its effect within 4-7 days, you can observe the ranking and ratings of your app go up in the play store.
3. – here you’ll have performance-based campaigns to scale your app or games. Here an app developer can make ad campaigns asking for reviewers on this site to make reviews in a certain desired tone or using a set of particular keywords. App review ninja offers various packages, catering to a vast amount of developers, considering their budgets, there are trial packs too, just to test out the program before you buy the bigger packages.
4. – you can buy positive android app reviews on the site in bulk, choose the package that fits your budget, the reviews will be obtained by users, the users will install and review the app after you’ve chosen a package and made payments. You can observe your ratings go up. They say there’s a 100 percent safety guarantee, they don’t ask for your login details, thus ensuring the safety of your order.
5. – their reviews come from a huge community of incentivized users who are paid to make reviews. The text and reviewers are carefully chosen to reduce deletion. Their app services are reliable, detectable and scalable. This site will help you improve organic ranking in the play store, after the order is complete, you’ll get a detailed report of app reviews on your email, where you can evaluate the success of your review purchase.
6. – you can choose the best offer and service provided by the company that will benefit you. Their reviewers will firstly, download the app then they will use the app and put up an authentic review according to whatever user experiences they have gained while using your app.However, they don’t work with paid apps, their service is only for free applications, but they can provide traffic increase services for paid apps on request.
7. – if you’re looking for a way to increase your app’s position on the ranks and attract new hundreds of organic users every day, starting an advertising campaign here will help you in ways, this site helps the developer in keyword ranking campaign. Here the developer can buy reviews that are rich in keyword optimisation. Though, their prices are too high in their packages, it should mean that their services come with a guarantee.
Now that we have gone through various websites that offer you a reasonable price to deliver you with reviews, its up to you, the developer, to decide which one is the good bang for your bucks.

The key component you should keep in mind when deciding which one to choose should be, the direct relation between a developer and the reviewer, where there’s a greater scope for text changes, tonality, language.

With a direct stream of conversation, there’s trust. A trust that firmly believes in.