Tips to Identify the Best Quality Hardwood for Upcoming Winters

Firewood is one of the prior demands of every home in the winter season because people still prefer sitting around a fireplace rather than automatic room heating systems. Not only for staying warm but firewood is also an integral part of many kitchens. We still need woodfire cook some authentic dishes while maintaining their original flavor. When it comes to choosing the firewood, everyone prefers hardwood because of its good consistency during combustion. However, most of us don’t know how to figure out hardwood of excellent quality from the heap of different trees species. Not every tree produces wood suitable for utilizing as fuel. We need to gain some basic knowledge regarding the identification of good quality firewood. This article has some important considerable factors to help you in finding the best quality firewood.


Tips to find the best quality hardwood

  1. Prefer a mature tree

Whether it is hard or softwood, the mature tree must be your first preference. Even the image of trees of hardwood produces inferior quality fuel. The best way to identify a mature wood is by its log size and inner circle. Usually, the larger size of logs indicates that they are mature enough to be used as fuel. Also, the inner texture of mature hardwood is usually dark in color. however, colour is not the only factor to decide the quality of firewood. The ironbark hardwood logs for sale will have dark reddish color whereas birch hardwood has light color. 

  1. Gain information about the native trees species

in order to identify the best quality and ethically source the hardwood, you also need to gain information about the native tree species. Make sure that the trees mentioned on the website of firewood merchants are actually available in your area in abundance. If they are rarely found or not relevant to the geographical location of your area, consider the seller as a fraud. Nowadays, we can easily find the species of our native location on the internet. 

  1. Confirm adequate seasoning

Seasoning is one of the basic parameters of buying firewood whether it is hard or soft. Unseasoned firewood is not suitable for burning as a fuel because it produces a high amount of smoke rather than flame. request them to visit with a moisture meter while delivering the stock of firewood. You can also buy this gadget from the market. perfectly seasoned hardwood must not have a moisture level of more than 20 to 25%. We recommend choosing kiln seasoned firewood because it assures a low moisture level. In a kiln, it just takes a week to get ready the logs of firewood for burning. 

While searching for wood logs for sale in bulk, don’t forget to use your bargaining skills. Many firewood merchants are currently available online and selling their products at a competitive price. Don’t forget to take advantage of this competitive environment.