How to host a cocktail party


Are you going to plan a cocktail party? If yes, you must need some guidance to host a cocktail party. It is not a child’s play to host a cocktail party; you have to be prepared for it. You have to manage everything to host a flawless and entertaining cocktail party. 
You need to prepare your guest’s favorite foods and drinks. So, first you need to prepare a list of guests so you can prepare their favorite foods and drinks. Then you have to arrange everything necessary for a cocktail party. 
The major thing you will need to host a cocktail party is, “ice maker”. You will need a lot of ice for your cocktail party so if you have an ice maker machine, you can provide the continuous supply of ice.
What you will need
You will need following things to host a cocktail party:
·     Some space where you can make arrangements, the yard of your house or your         lounge (if it is a large one) is best.
     * Arrange the drinks like Espresso Martini, Champaign, wine, juices of different colors.
·      Arrange fresh food like, Bar B Q (if possible), cakes, snacks etc.
·       ice machine (for a continuous supply of ice)
·      *   Good management skills
The most important part of a cocktail party is cocktail drinks. Some popular cocktail drinks are
·      The Martini
·      *  Gin Fizz
·      *   Lime Ricky
·      Tom Collins
·      Mojito (made with mint, rum, lime juice, sugar syrup)
·      Pina Colada
·       *Mint Margarita
Many other colorful drinks can be a part of cocktail party. But these drinks are tasteless and useless if you are not using plenty of ice cubes. Ice cubes are necessary to feel the taste of any cocktail drink. So if you have your own ice maker, you can provide a continuous supply of ice during your cocktail party.