Your Help Guide On Maintaining A Golf Course In All Seasons

Like the landscaper, the golf manager must also adapt to the cycle of the seasons concerning the maintenance of his sports field. Discover in our post – what are the primary maintenance operations that you should expect!

Prerequisites To Note:

  • Make sure your Golf course maintenance equipment remains in working condition throughout the year. Inspect them from time to time.
  • Examine the irrigation system every week. If there’s a fault – make it fix from the experienced plumber without any delay.
  • Test the quality of the soil twice a year.

Golf Maintenance In The Spring

The start of sunny days marks the intensive return to lawn maintenance. Weakened by winter, the grass of a natural golf course will need special attention to grow as quickly as possible. At this time, the greenkeeper must provide soil ventilation to stimulate root development and promote the penetration of fertilizers. This can be followed by sanding to improve the quality of the soil. When the spring is at its top, the lawn must be strong enough to allow maximum ventilation. Finally, weeds may proliferate without suitable treatment!

As summer approaches, you should not forget about mowing the greens, fairways, and departure areas. An overhaul of the irrigation system is also necessary to cope with the summer season!

Bonus Tip: You do not need to purchase a new mower every season, you can rely on used golf mowers to save some bucks.

Golf Maintenance In Summer

Golf is in full swing when the days are longest. However, the heatwave is never far away: you need a regular soil inspection to check that no area suffers from a lack of water. Manual watering should be considered on steep or difficult to access surfaces. Mowing and light verticutting is to be expected for the maintenance of the lawn. 

If the summer months are rainy, your field will favor the development of fungi. To deal with this, go for the usage of a fungicide to problem areas ASAP as it may spread throughout the golf course. The end of summer also marks the start of preparations for the various renovations that will take place in the fall. So, inspect your Golf course maintenance equipment before fall. 

Golf Maintenance In The Fall

When autumn arrives, the greenkeeper must be particularly attentive to the dead leaves that are sure to litter the golf course! To prevent them from damaging the soil, they must be removed daily. 

To maintain a good quality of grass the following spring, it is advisable to make a relining with golf course mowers in autumn – especially in September when the soil temperature is ideal. At that time, the aeration of the soil remains a necessity. Note that this maintenance often avoids changing the lawn. Finally, care should be taken to shut down the irrigation systems before winter sets in.

Golf Maintenance In Winter

When nature is preparing to hibernate, the greenkeeper still has work to do. It’s time to protect the green and its surroundings as much as possible while waiting for better days. It is a favorable season for the appearance of diseases, and it is better to make reserves of fungicide. A daily inspection of the lawn is, therefore, required to prevent any harm to the grass. 

The end of winter is the ideal time to carry out maintenance and renovation of equipment, land irrigation systems and to carry out drainage work on the fairways.

Final Words

Of course, these operations are just the tip of the iceberg: each golf course has its own characteristics and will require proper maintenance. If you have any questions about the maintenance of your sports field, do not hesitate to comment below.