Top Tips by Food Experts to Buy Real San Marzano Tomatoes Online

Ask top chefs and food experts about the best canned tomatoes, and you will get a common answer: San Marzano. They are the Ferrari of the tomato world. Originating from the town of San Marzano sul Sarno, near Naples, these canned tomatoes are known for their sweet and pulpy nature. 

A few years ago, hunting down a can of them was a big deal. Nowadays, anyone can buy San Marzano tomatoes online to experience their tomato-ey intensity. But are all of the products on online store shelves genuine? Is the small town near Naples capable of producing enough tomatoes for the whole world?

The answer is – No! Many people, especially the ones who do not know many things about these tomatoes, are paying premium prices for fake products. How do you know that you are getting a genuine product? What is the right way to buy San Marzano tomatoes

Below are some tips by food experts from Italy to help you purchase real San Marzano tomato products. 

  • Learn what are legit San Marzano tomatoes

For a layman, all types of tomatoes are the same. However, an Italian knows why San Marzano is amazingly different. It is a variety of plum tomatoes that has a sweet and strong taste. Also, they are:  

  • Grown in a designated Italian region
  • Grown, processed, and harvested as per the decided rules
  • Plum tomatoes that need to look like they are declared in rule books

It means any product that is made outside Italy is not a genuine item. 

  • Ensure DOP Certifications

Denominazione di Origine Protetta (DOP) can be translated to Protected Designation of Origin. As these tomatoes can be grown in a special kind of soil and climate, it is essential to look for DOP certifications on a can. 

San Marzano tomatoes are grown in an Italian region that has volcanic soil, which is ideal for tomato production. DOP certifications ensure that the can includes tomatoes that are grown in the designated Italian region. You should order San Marzano tomatoes online only when you are sure that the product has DOP certifications. 

  • Buy Only ‘Canned Tomatoes’

Real products are sold only in cans. They are either peeled or whole, so those labelled with ‘chopped’ or ‘organic’ are fake. Also, ensure that the products you are going to purchase belong to a renowned Italy-based brand. The company must be known for supplying genuine products to its supplier and has a long history in the field to prove its worth.

  • Look for a Brand 

The easiest to ensure that a genuine product has been purchased is to search for a reputed brand. For example, La San Marzano is widely popular for its whole plum tomatoes peeled with basil leaf. The Italian company has been operating for a long time, and several chefs in the country recommend its products. 

Before you place an order for a product, collect information about a company and its products. Ensure that its past customers have left positive reviews about its products. 

Where to Buy San Marzano Tomatoes Online  

Similar to San Marzano tomatoes, their genuine suppliers are rare. For real San Marzano tomatoes, where to buy online? According to experts, the best place over the Internet to get genuine products is an Italian store. It must be a well-known and reputed online store that has been supplying real products to customers’ doorstep for a long time. 

Check for branded products on the online store. A great supplier will have only genuine products made by popular brands from Italy. 


Real San Marzano tomatoes are hard to find, but you can buy a genuine product by getting it from the right online store, which imports its products from famous Italy-based brands. Pay attention to a product, ensure its quality, and pick the best can of  San Marzano tomatoes. All the best!