Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Industry and Changing the Role of a Doctor

Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Industry

Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare industry is going to play a major role in the coming days. Many healthcare providers using Artificial Intelligence which is helping these healthcare workers efficiently diagnose the disease and reduce errors and also assisting in major surgeries.AI also helping hospitals to increase their efficiency and reduce workload.
I believe one area that is ripe for transformation and is a clear priority for many companies in the world to focuses on healthcare. Doctors and health care are key priorities where artificial intelligence can actually help us improve the servers and save money.

How artificial intelligence is changing the role of doctors

Let me explain you in detail how artificial intelligence changing the role of doctors.

If you think about this how the whole education of doctors is happening at the moment. We send someone to medical school for seven years and then hope that they remember a fraction of what they have learned that they learn if they retain 20% 30% that’s a bonus. They then start practicing after seven years they then get some experience and hopefully they get to know lots of common problems people have.

If you then go to your doctor you are usually assigned something like a 10minute time slot and what usually happens is you sit down, the doctor looks at a screen while you explaining what your issue is and why are you doing this. And the doctor will read through the notes trying to figure out why when you will last hear what your issues were.
Then if you think about this for this doctor then to diagnose you within those 10 minutes is really unrealistic unless you have something like a cold or something really common usually end up with some sort of prescription and then you go away.  You just do a bit of trial and error and if this didn’t work you then come back and then maybe you do some more tests I believe.

How does Artificial Intelligence help?

AI can help with all of this because if you think about this you can train a computer with all the medical knowledge in the world. So, you don’t have to rely on them just losing 7 years what they’ve learned they will retain100%. The other challenge is that there’s so much new research being developed every single day so if you even if you’re a specialist in one area you can’t keep up with your specialist area let alone with all the new medical knowledge.

That is being developed again take a computer this computer can be for medical
knowledge in the world. So suddenly you have a computer that knows everything about medicine and is up-to-date. You think how can you talk to compete with that the other things.
Take IBM for example is working on a system based on its Watson cognitive computing platform that has all of this medical knowledge in it. It also has a computing interface or a natural language interface so you can speak to it and you can describe your symptoms and if you want to talk to the system for three days you can do that. It will never forget all your medical history and you can even give it your genetic fingerprint and you can give it all your family history.
Suddenly you have a computer there that knows everything about medicine knows everything about you anything who would. I trust more to make an accurate diagnosis my doctor that looked just to my notes for five minutes to then speak to me or a system that knows everything about me and has all the medical knowledge.
I believe this ability of computers now to diagnose diseases will transform medicine. A good example is a radiology so if someone looks at an x-ray scan. What we’ve seen is that computers are getting so good at their smell so they can interpret these scans instead of having it human being looking through lots of x-ray images to.
Let’s say this is a cancer doctor an oncologist who is looking at scans to identify tumors this is actually quite a tough job for human beings because as human beings we sometimes are tired. We just had an argument with our partner we don’t feel well and we look through one skin after the other to identify patterns that seem to look like a tumor.
Then if we identify them humans are very good to then say this is possibly a tumor or not. Now enter AI and machine learning we now have computer vision and the ability of machines to interpret our scans so, we can train them on millions of scans that identify cancer and non-cancerous cells.
So, these computers are becoming extremely good at it and they actually there was a competition recently where a computer outperformed human radiologists and this is what computers do. They are fantastically good at pattern recognition so why would you want a human to look at a scan actually.
There is a reason and this is why I think we will all commend the role of doctors and medics in this field because what computers are good at is, they will never miss anything that might look dangerous on your scan. But when a doctor can do is, they can differentiate between something that looks abnormal and something that might be potentially cancerous.
So, what now happens is you share so the radiologist no longer has to look through one scan after the other after there to identify patterns. Because this is the job you give to computers the computer then gives the scan that highlights any unusual patterns to the radiologist. They then make a judgment and a diagnosis and by combining computers and paper it hopefully makes the job of the radiologist more interesting.
But you get better results so the scans will never miss anything and the human interpretations are usually better at least at this stage than the computer-generated ones. Because they’re quite often over-diagnosed.
According to me, the Artificial Intelligence Healthcare Industry is going to overtake humans. Artificial Intelligence not only gives accurate findings by analyzing data it also helps doctors to give better treatment to the patient.

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