Why Do You Need A Magento 2 Free Gift? Read these

Free… Free… Free…
See on the word “FREE” how you got an eye on this and came to read more :-P.
Who doesn’t like the free stuff or an unexpected free gift or a giveaway? People love free stuff, no matter what it is, but when it’s free, people find it always an exciting part as they don’t have to pay for it. And we all know how free gifts are irresistible, so this psychology of free stuff always helps in attracting more customers and generating more leads. So to engage more customers and to improve the sales in this E-commerce world, store owners have to add this idea of offering free gifts to customers. Providing such free giveaways is one of the best ideas when you don’t want to dive into complex loyalty programs with multiple levels.
In this E-commerce world, we all know that customers are encouraged more if they find free gifts for their online orders. Customers find it interesting and exciting when they are asked to add extra items or purchase particular products to earn free gifts. In this case, store owners can use the market strategy in which they can provide free products to customers but on some specific product purchase. So this will make customers purchase more products and enjoy the free gift offer.
To provide this solution to Magento Store Owners, MageAnts came up with a Magento 2 Free Gift Extension to display free products to customers so that when they purchase the selected product on which admin sets free giveaway, they will be notified. The order will be delivered along with free items.

Top Reasons why you need a Magento 2 Free Gift:

  •  It helps in engaging more customers and increasing store sales.
  •  Magento 2 free gift with purchase functionality
  •  Add Free Gift items by setting some rules and conditions
  •  Helps in clearing stock by adding products as a free giveaway.
  •  When customer add the selected product to cart, this extension works as “Magento 2 auto-add promo items” where items set as a gift will be automatically added to the cart with the main product
  •  Promotions can also be shared on social media platforms.
  •  Promoted and free product will be listed on the cart page
  •  Catchy Promo banners and product label to notify
  •  Cross-Browser compatible and API compatible tool
  •  Allow customers to select multiple gift options
  •  Store owners can add ‘free gift’ banner in product detail page
So, isn’t these reasons are enough to add this fantastic extension to your store and engage more customers to boost your sales. No? Let’s deep dive into some key features of Magento 2 add a free gift to cart extension:

Auto Add free giveaways to cart

This is one of the key features of this tool, where the free gift set by the admin on a particular product will automatically be added in the cart when the customer adds that main product to the cart. This will be time-saving for admin, too as it will display all the product information of free gifts without any additional efforts.

Detailed information about free gifts on product pages

As stated above, free gifts will be auto-added to the cart along with detailed information about the product, too, on the main product’s page. Such an automatic task leads the admin to hassle-free about the details of free gifts and also encourages customers to purchase the main product in the desire to earn a free gift.

User-Friendly and Easy Configuration

Another best feature of Magento 2 free gift extension is that it is very flexible and easy to use. A convenient tool for an admin to do the configuration by himself with a few simple steps without any hassle of coding to make changes in the configurations. Admin needs to perform a few tasks using the back end admin panel and it’s done.

Admin can add the price and set the maximum number of free gifts

With the help of MageAnts’ free gift extension, admin can add the price catalog of the free gift products that customers want to add to the cart. By a few clicks, the admin can set a limit to add the maximum number of products that can be added to the cart.

Mobile friendly Tool

Nowadays, mobile devices are becoming popular as a way for visitors to find your website. Especially for eCommerce stores, an optimized website for devices like mobile is essential to your business as it helps to boost search rankings for your store websites to get more sales and conversions.
In addition to all the above features and functionalities, this extension allows you to add a free product to cart based on rules or various conditions set by you like providing a gift on specific order value, or on the whole order or a particular product, etc. Admin is allowed to create all such conditions depending on cart attributes, product attributes, or product selection, anything it can be. Even more precisely, admin can combine these conditions too.
The feature list is not completed here; admin can also add the beautiful promo banners on the product pages or add to cart button to grab customers and guest users’ attention quickly. Also, enable an option to add product labels on the promoted or free gift items along with the images so that customers can easily view the free gift product.
Serving customers with free gifts and discounts is always a great idea to get more sales and conversions for your eCommerce store. We have covered all the specific and essential functions of the Magento 2 free gift extension in this piece.
Hope after going through the detailed article on Magento 2 free product to cart now; you are ready to add this must-have tool to your e-store. Looking for any help or in case any query regarding Magento 2 Extensions, get in touch with MageAntsMagento specialists.