Funeral Memorial Cards- All You Need To Know

Tribute memorial cards are used to pay tribute to the lost loved one. These are the cards that include the details of the deceased and condolences to pray for the soul that leaves the world. These are given to the people who attend the funeral to pay respect to the deceased. 

Talking about mass cards of funerals, these are generally rectangular in shape and usually have a folder in the centre. The face or the front cover of the cards have a low-key religious decoration, and the inside contains the details of the deceased. 

Some people may keep these simple, but many companies offer the service of getting these customized. Funeral cards are an essential part of the funeral service. 

What To Include In The Funeral Cards?

Sufficient Information About The Funeral 

Before the funeral, people establish a time and venue for the same. The first thing to include in the funeral cards is complete information about the funeral program like the venue, time, and everything that is going to happen during the event. 

Such information acquaints the attendees with everything that is going to happen, and they find it easy to manage and attend the event. Besides the information about the funeral, mass cards include details about the life of the deceased. 

The card can be used digitally, or a hard copy can be used through tribute card printing. 

Connected Events 

After mentioning all the information about the venue and time of the funeral, the right next information to include is everything about the connected events that may take place during the funeral.

After the funeral, most people arrange refreshments and meals for the guests. Try to keep this information short and direct. 

Description of The Life Of The Deceased

Funeral cards are a great way to talk a little about the life of the deceased. Mention the deceased by their full name and talk about how well they lived their life. You may also mention how the deceased lived life differently to make the world a better place to live. 

Talk about all the essential details of the lost loved one. Also, you may want to keep this short and specific to avoid overcrowding the audience with the information.


It is a great idea to include condolences messages or short empathetic phrases. While writing condolence messages in the funeral cards, it is essential to keep a check on using the right words. 

Since it is a funeral card, it is important to maintain a low-key tone throughout the card. 

Once you are done with writing the funeral cards, make sure to send them to friends and family timely. Sending the cards timely is essential to ensure that all your acquaintances can make it to the funeral. It also allows you to make arrangements for the funeral, and you don’t have to suffer the last-minute rush. 

How To Send The Funeral Cards? 

You can either send the funeral cards digitally or via post. Whatever media you choose to send the card to friends and family, make sure you send it off on time. 

Wrapping it Up

Funeral cards are an essential part of every funeral. These contain all the vital details of the funeral program and about the life of the deceased. Now that you know about everything that should be included in the tribute card, we hope that you will create the best one. 

Also, it is up to you to keep it digital or printed, make sure you keep it low-key. The colour of the card should also be light and warm to maintain the soberness.