Tips for Choosing the Best Cat Boarding Services

Tips for Choosing the Best Cat Boarding Services

Do you know cats hate to travel? And when it happens, they show certain behavioural changes.

What if you have to travel?

There’s a solution. Yes! you heard it right. Whether you are travelling for a short duration or for long vacations to your favourite destination, you don’t have to worry about the well-being of your feline friends. 

Well, we are not asking you to take them along with you, but we are giving you a better solution than this. 

The best solution to ensure the safety and comfort of your cats in your absence is to go for cat boarding services, especially if you are in Sydney. 

There are professional services of cat accommodation in the Sydney area where you can leave your cat. 

What are Cat Boarding Services?

Cat boarding services are accommodation services provided by professionals who are committed to taking the best care of your felines in your absence. 

They provide the safest, most luxurious and comfortable environment for your furry friends. 

In Sydney, there are numerous cat boarding services that commit to providing the safest environment for your felines but choosing the best one is a major decision for any cat owner. 

Well, in this comprehensive guide, you will be guided with certain tips to choose the best cat boarding services in Sydney. 

Choosing the Best Cat Boarding Services

  • Research 

To choose the best boarding centre, you must do in-depth research to see the options for such services in your city. 

You must consider the various facilities and total cost of the package to make the comparisons. 

You can also look for the various reviews available online to understand better the experiences of the people who have availed of the services. 

  • Basic needs

The main thing to be considered before choosing accommodation services for cats is to understand the fulfilment of the basic needs of food and water supply by the service providers. 

Ensure the provider can customize your cat meal, especially if it is allergic to a certain food.

  • Asking for referrals

To get the detailed experience of the service providers, you can ask for referrals from your friends and family. 

This will help you to get a realistic idea about the various facilities provided for the comfort of your cats. 

  • Visiting the boarding facility

Before dropping your cat off, make sure you personally visit the facility to get an idea about the cleanliness, ventilation, basic needs, and their expert team. 

You can have a detailed discussion with the staff to understand their working style. You should also look for the behaviour of the other animals staying at the accommodation to get an idea about the overall environment of the space. 

  • Understanding the cleanliness

Cleanliness is very important for the overall safety and security of your pets. The bedding, play area, litter area, and common spaces should be free from dirt. Regular cleaning should be done 

to avoid the risk of any infections or diseases for the pets. 

You should also understand the hygiene levels of the staff members to ensure proper safety and security of your pets. 

  • Learning about the exercise routine

Exercise is very important for the overall well-being of your pets. A good boarding service always gives various opportunities for physical activities for your pets. 

You should have a detailed discussion with the staff working there to learn about their entire exercise plan. 

  • Looking for additional services

Some boarding service providers give the opportunity to avail their additional services of grooming, feeding, medical facilties, and many more. 

Before choosing the best cat boarding service, look for these additional services to find out the details of their overall package. 

  • Immediate access to the vet

When you leave your feline at a boarding facility, it may experience separation anxiety, which can directly impact its health. At times, having a vet who can handle the situation can be a lifesaver. So, ensure that the boarding facility you are choosing has immediate access to a vet. 


There are numerous cat boarding service providers in Sydney. Such services are not only helpful to give a sense of security and safety to your pets but also give you satisfaction about the safe stay of your feline friends. 

Ensure you go through all the above-mentioned points before choosing the best one for your pet.

Ranny Watson