Floral Fantasies: Buy Flowering Plants Online in India

Floral Fantasies: Buy Flowering Plants Online in India

Flowers bring beauty, color, and vibrancy to a garden or any other space. They make us feel happier and fill the world around us with positivity. It is no wonder that giving flowers on any occasion is considered a tradition and a symbol of attracting fortune and good luck to our lives. From the elegance of the eternal Rose Plant to the indoor flowering plant, such as the Peace lily, evoke emotions in us. 

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Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a beginner, follow these guidelines to maintain a thriving, blooming garden that will lighten your home.

* Location

Selecting the appropriate location for your flowers is essential. While planting consider the light requirements of the flowering plant. Most flowers require at least 6-7 hours of sunlight every day. Understand the temperature and humidity needs of the plant, and choose a spot that provides the best conditions. 

* Soil Preparation

Well-Draining, nutrition-rich soil is essential for flowering plants. You can prepare the soil by adding organic matter to it such as compost. This will give the soil mix more structure and fertility. The pH level of the soil plays a big role in improving the health of the plant, so gathering information about the specific needs of your plant will be a good way to start. 

The ideal soil mix for a flowering plant is Garden Soil (35%) + Cocopeat (30%) + Vermicompost (30%) + Neem Khali (5%). 

* Planting

When repotting, or planting a new flowering plant, make sure to dig a hole that is bigger than the plant’s root ball. Gently remove the plant from the container, taking care to not break away the roots, place the plant in the hole, and fill it with soil. Afterward, tamp it down gently to give it sturdiness and water thoroughly. 

The same process can be followed with outdoor and indoor plants as well.

* Watering

By a general rule of thumb, most flowering plants need a lot of water. Different plants do have varying water needs, so research the specific requirements of each plant. 

Water thoroughly, allowing the water to seep down to the roots, but avoid overwatering or waterlogging as it may lead to root rot. 

* Fertilization

Flowering plants need a lot of nutrition in the form of vermicompost or other forms to support their growth and development of flowers. Using a balanced fertiliser for your plant will help with its specific growth needs. 

Also, note that over-fertilization can harm your plants and the environment. 

Follow the above-given tips to bring out the best version of your plants and see your garden blooming. To purchase plants online,  visit Urvann, the first online nursery in India, having a large array of plants and categories for all planting needs. The platform guarantees free next-day delivery of fresh and healthy plants. 

In conclusion, caring for and looking after plants requires a lot of patience and resilience but when you witness the blooms of your labor, the joy gets manifold. For people working in the cities, it is best to buy flowering plants online in India, as it is convenient and time-saving. After the delivery of plants, you can focus entirely on taking care of your plant and flower babies and enjoy your garden space to the fullest. 

Ranny Watson