IAS: What Should You Do for Your Prep?

It is great that you are planning to prepare for IAS. If you really are determined and dedicated and hardworking; you can actually get through it successfully. But again, if you think that you are not knowing where to start from and what to do; then take professional guidance right from the beginning. The more properly you structure your prep for the test, the better you can perform in the test.

The good part is these days you can obtain Online classes for ias too. In this way, you can be sure that you take the classes that are meant for you. Without going anywhere, you can boost your prep and prepare in a better manner. Following are a few of the tips to prepare for IAS.

Where to Start from?
One of the main aspects that make the Civil Service Exam really hard is the exam pattern. It consists of three stages, Prelims, Mains and then final Interview. Students need to cross each stage to move onto to the next. The degree of difficulty increases with every single stage. The last stage can also be a hard nut to crack because the UPSC tests not just the aspirant’s knowledge and capability to write, but also their mental ability and strength to deal with situations. It asks for a special kind of preparation to overcome the UPSC interview stage. Another significant feature that adds ‘toughness’ of the exam is the syllabus, as it encompasses a diverse range of subjects, dissimilar to many other exams.

Even before you jump into the tips, it is important that you know about the test and how it works. You cannot simply start your prep. You need to acquaint yourself with the structure of the test and then go ahead. You know what, in the beginning stage, aspirants preparing for civil service exam are most of the times confused. Many of them are hesitant on how to begin and what really to study. They have plenty of queries in their mind regarding exam eligibility, exam dates and so on. Make sure that you clear your doubts first regarding the test only then start with your prep and schedule. For now, check out the following tips.

Bring Discipline in your Life
If you think that you are a bright student and hence this is going to be an easy path for you to pass IAS then you are mistaken. You need to be somewhat disciplined to get better marks in this test and pass it. You should manage your time effectively and stay disciplined. No matter, how intelligent you are, you can easily get the best out of your prep only if you are studying in a disciplined manner.

Once you have the discipline that you would study every day and this much or that much; you would have a structure of time in your mind. Once you are managing your time in a proper and effective manner, you can get the best outcomes out of your daily practice. You cannot do that you are studying through different topics every week and then there is a halt and you resume I after some weeks. There needs to be consistency in your prep. Discipline in your schedule should be such that you know exactly what you are doing every day. You must start every day with a disciplined timing in your mind. If you will stay disciplined, you would not get careless in your prep and hence, make the most of the time you have in your hands. Every IAS has one quality and that is discipline. Discipline means, managing your time properly.

Mix Up Your Notes with Books
Then there are always a mixture of books and notes. If you are making notes, make sure that you read them. But it does not mean that you would simply stay glued to your notes only. There has to be proper blend between books and notes. Once you are reading the notes, make sure that you read the books also. You need to mix up the books and notes so that you must not miss out anything. Notes are for important reading but at the same time make sure that you go through books thoroughly. In this way, you can be sure that you have the best understanding of topics. When you read the notes and books, you can be sure that you have double check. In this way, you can be sure that you are not missing out on anything important.

Bring Selective Reading in your Prep
IAS does not mean that you would read everything and anything that comes your way; it means that you would selective reading but in a proper manner. You need to ensure that whatever you read, you read it thoroughly. It must not be quantity, but quality. Once you are reading the topics in a careful and detailed manner, you would feel confident from within. But if your area simply rambling about everything by reading everything; you might not be able to ace at anything at all. You must read the topics in a proper extent and make sure that you know everything about it. It is about burning the candle at both the ends for knowing everything about the topic you read. Read selectively but in a proper manner.

Solve Sample Papers & Previous Year Tests
Then you need to ensure that you prepare from practice tests and the previous year tests. When you solve such papers, you would get to know about the questions and types of topics asked about in the papers. You would be in a position to understand the pattern of the test and hence, ensure that you are working on your knowledge in a concrete manner. You would get to understand the psyche of the examination setters. Of course, if you have joined up classes like the best online coaching for ias, you can be sure that you solve many question papers, practice tests, previous year papers and regular question papers time to time. In this way, you would get the best understanding.

So, if you think that you can do well in this IAS test, you would. Just keep these tips in mind and make sure that you implement them.