25th Anniversary Jewelry

Around the world, it is customary to celebrate the anniversary by offering a unique jewel. Historians say the tradition of marriage weddings dates back to the time of the Roman Empire. We offered crowns of silver to couples who had 25 years of life together, and crowns of gold after fifty years of marriage. Celebrating their wedding anniversary was then reserved for a certain elite.


It will take several centuries before this custom takes off.  the French, British, and Russian bourgeois classes appropriated it. The anniversary marks a new occasion to bring family and loved ones around the two spouses. We then put the small dishes in the big ones, by organizing sensational events. Most often, these were lavish banquets followed by exceptional balls during which the spouses were covered with gifts. During this period, new marriage weddings were created.

However, it was not until the nineteenth century that the anniversary was most successful. The custom is gradually gaining popularity and democratizing even in the countryside.

Each year of marriage is assigned a specific name, which refers to natural elements, such as precious stones, metals, wood but also flowers, animals, and textiles. Rooted in families for several centuries, this tradition remains highly appreciated by couples who wish to celebrate their wedding anniversary and renew their vows. To the delight of couples, the important dates of the wedding nuances correspond for the most part to precious materials.

Timeless and elegant, offering a piece of jewelry as a gift is always a wise choice. Here are some gift ideas to celebrate the most precious moments and surely make your loved ones happy.

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