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What Is Social Media Analytics & Why Is It Important? - NetBase

With working from home and remote learning becoming the new normal, most of our activities have gone completely digital. Among other changes, this has also amplified the use of social media as a medium of connectivity.

Since most conversations already took place on these portals, this widespread usage doesn’t come as a surprise for most businesses. But it does indicate a need for them to tap into social media and learn more about their target audience.

Through its purpose-built social media analytics solution, NetbaseQuid has been helping brands understand their audiences and their diverse needs. With its artificial intelligence (AI) powered system, NetbaseQuid can help your business tap into valuable insights without having to manually search through each social media platform.

However, this also raises a myriad of other solutions. How exactly do you know when a social media analysis tool is right for you? What makes such a system tick? And what factors do you need to keep in mind?

To help you answer these questions, here’s what to look for while choosing a social media analysis tool.

Platform Compatibility

Since social media isn’t just restricted to one platform, a reliable social media analytics solution needs to be compatible with multiple portals. This means that your chosen solution should be able to fetch data from platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with equal ease.

 This ensures that you don’t have to purchase different tools for the same purpose. Along with saving your operational spend, it also makes it easier to see all your related data in one place.

Automation Features

Speaking of ease of use, automation plays a big part in the efficacy of these systems. Even when your team name-searches your brand through each platform, you might still leave synonyms, emotional descriptors, and industry indicators out of the picture.

That’s why it’s critical that you look for a tool that doesn’t only track user activity ethically, but does it with next-generation automation features. This makes sure that you don’t lose out on factors such as productivity and valuable metrics.

Ease of Use

Besides being rich with features, your chosen social media analytics solution also needs to be easy to use. This allows your team to avoid errors and gain more efficiency in their day to day operations.

Treating this feature as a priority, make sure that your selected tool has an intuitive interface. Striking the balance between functionality and simplicity isn’t easy. But the right platform can pull this off effortlessly without compromising on its quality.

 Data Visualization

Fetching information from a variety of social media platforms means that you would end up with a vast amount of data at your hands. To ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed in processing key metrics, your chosen tool needs to have critical data visualization features.

This functionality makes it easier for you to know what your consumers are thinking by simply throwing a glance at your screen. With the help of detailed charts and graphs, you can also dig into important details without requiring a data science degree.

 User Support

If your chosen social media analytics solution only allows a single user at a time, it can bar your team from working on larger data analysis projects. This can negate the whole point of using such a solution in the first place.

Keeping this in mind, make sure that your selected tool lets you utilize its functionalities through multiple users. This lets you get the most value for your money and also makes way for better analytics.

Excelling at each of these critical features, NetbaseQuid has become the primary social tool for various brands. To see how your organization can benefit from these solutions, speak to a NetbaseQuid representative today.