The Sensuous Way of Dressing – Corsets

The corset and stockings have been an important part of women’s clothing since ages which made the women get that hourglass body having a waist as small that could span with a hand.

What are Corsets?

The corsets are hosiery designed to be entirely adjustable and accommodating at the same time.

* It’s a stylish garment which is specially designed for women to reduce the Waistline- wearing it can also lift the bust line and give the illusion of a long and thin torso with a cinched waistline.

* These beautiful pieces of garments are made from durable, flexible and breathable materials which are cotton, leather, satin, lace, brocade, velvet or twill. They are fitted with garters and generally have stay pockets filled with steel boning which add in strength for cinching in the waist and accentuating the curve of the hips and the bust.

* To tighten up the corset while wearing is done by fastening the front busk followed by lacing up the back to achieve the desired waist reduction. 

* The corsets can be worn both over the clothing or under the clothing, to achieve the desired look.

The new age corset has evolved and designed to make it safe to wear the come in many different sizes and styles from traditional to contemporary trendier. There are many colors of corsets, few are hourglass lacy corset, provocative corset white or corset and stockings also.

These are worn by women generally on special occasions under their outfits to get that hourglass figure. The corsets are also worn as a part of the costume of performing artists like dancers or some women wear it with their everyday outfits too.

There is a wide range of corsets available according to the silhouette of every woman, let’s know them better:

* Hourglass Corsets

It is often termed as a classic Victorian corset, as it’s the most traditional style worn. Wearing this will make you achieve an hourglass figure with a cinched small waist. It comes in different forms from overbust, underbust or mid bust having a straight or sweetheart neckline.

It doesn’t compress the top and hip area of the body, but it’s comfortable and is easy to wear.

* Pipe Stem Corset

This type of corsets needs regular waist training to fit into them. In it, the body is compressed throughout the torso, which gives it a really long and lean look. It has a rigid steel boning to achieve this fit. However, it causes a lot of strain to the lower ribs, which is uncomfortable.

* Waspie

It’s a short type of underbust corsets, they practically look like a wider belt and are worn just round the woman’s stomach giving a small Waistline and being less constricting. They are worn under skirts or dresses to look more fashionable.

 You can get many designs and styles just like one Ravenna corset black and many other options which are going to give a glamorous day time look and a sensuous look to your wedding dress.

* Flat Front Style

This is suitable for women who have the smaller bust size, and wearing them create an Illusion of multiple cup sizes; they are the modern version of the Victorian corset with a straight across neckline.

* Lingerie Corsets

They are the passionate ones suitable to be worn under a wedding dress; many times comes with stockings attached.

These corsets are very revealing and come with all fine details likely silk, lace and beads having G strings and with built-in or detachable garters to hold up the stockings. They are available in all popular colors like the black corset, white corset and more.

 All these types of corsets are great for any sexy casual or formal outfits. You have to pick the best corset available in your size, and you can also get corset stockings to add in glamour to your outfit.