15‌ ‌Best‌ ‌Day‌ ‌Trips‌ ‌From‌ ‌Cartagena

Where there is talk of attractive and beautiful cities, then the name of Cartagena city also definitely there. Therefore, this city is a suitable option for people’s trips so that they can enjoy 15-day trips from Cartagena. This city is a line of attractive and magnificent vibrant colorful buildings, music, delicious dishes, and streets inside the old city walls, an area full of enthusiasm at these 15-day trips from Cartagena. So, why wait? Start planning now and visit the official site and get copa airlines reservations in advance to avoid higher rates at lat minutes deals. Book now and get to visit these awesome places and indulge in it.

Let’s see how it becomes to look at the best day trips from Cartagena city.

  1. La Boquilla

Nestled between the sea and the marshes, La Boquilla is a small fishing village on the road leading north-east from Cartagena. Experiencing life with the charming Colombian people here is the perfect day to have a pleasant journey. 

These fishermen or boatmen are always ready for a small journey so that there is no possibility of trouble for the passengers. And the most special thing is that nature can be experienced as unique here.

  1. Playa Blanca

Cartagena has a wide Playa Blanca as a beach which is made on sight. Here the sand has beautifully spread the beach. Prepares a large yacht marina and lots of cafes and a relaxed day here. This is a good idea for a day trip from Cartagena. It is also some the best villas in the resort and  Lanzarote located on the Southern Tip of the Island Which is an ideal option for anyone to get the most delicious food.

You can catch a boat in the morning from Playa Blanca for Bazurto Market. Mostly, this forgo considered to be the fastest and easiest go-to way.

people mostly come to romance with the couple in frost. The atmosphere here affects people very much, that is why this place is very popular. 

  1. San Basilio de Palenque

San Basilio de Palenque is a small village. The culture of this village has made it immortal. It is one hour away from Cartagena. The city was one of the first slave cities in America. This city is more popular for music, rituals, and customs. People here are very simple and straightforward.

  1. Volcan del Totumo

This place is very popular because. This city arise different types of minerals, which are very beneficial for hair and skin. 

From here, at a distance, there is a very good place for spa treatments and fun. People here look forward to meeting new people.

  1. Tierra Bomba Island

On the coast of Cartagena is the huge Tierra Bomba Island. This area is considered to be a very good place to visit.

The population of this place is of almost 9000 people, which welcomes visitors from the beach. The sandy white beach is the perfect way to break away from city life. There are various types of restaurants here, which you can take advantage of very well because the dish here is very tasty and delicious. 

  1. Mercado de Bazurto

Outside the serene Old City, Gulzar lives in the town of Mercado, which is Mercado de Bazurto, just 15 minutes from the city center. Here, you will start to consider yourself a resident of this place because there is a lot of people around here. 

Some resorts can also be seen here, which is fantastic, you can also take advantage of them. Mercado de Bazurto The life of Mercado de Bazurto goes on very fast.

  1. Usiacuri

It is one of the oldest towns on the coast of Colombia. Usiacuri is a small village that can be reached from Cartagena in less than two hours. 

As we have told earlier that this is an old village, that is why its architecture has been well-conceived because the artisans here are very knowledgeable in craftsmanship. 

  1. Rosario Islands

Rosario Islands is very attractive because its view is supernatural which makes it is a popular place much. It is beauty really place seeing. People come here for fun after being impressed by it.

  1. Tayrona National Park

Situated a few hours from Cartagena, this Tayrona National Park is a great place to stay for the night. This national park gives the status of Unesco heritage due to its incredible natural beauty.  There are a spacious park, lush mountains and treasured waterfall of white sandy beaches of crystalline water. You can also enjoy the magnificent cottage and forest walks here.

  1. Bocagrande

At the distance of a few hours from Cartagena, you will join the beach of the city of Miami-its city of Bockgrande. Cartagena visitors because of its proximity to Cartagena you will always find travelers here.

Convenient restaurants and hotels for travelers are also available. Which you can serve comfortably. 

Just a few miles away from the white sand of Bokgrande is Avenida no Martin where there is always an exciting road to walk.

  1. Taganga

Taganga is a small fishing town. You can enjoy this marine life. The lifestyle here is very attractive because the people here trust more in harmony. 

The water here is extremely sweet and pure. That’s why people used to put it in the first option to roam.

  1. Isla de San Bernardo 

Its journey is three hours from Cartagena, if you like traveling by rivers then this is a good option. animals are found in abundance here. You can be happy to see them.

people spend the night here, where there is a left front door hostel on the stilts in the middle of the sea.

  1. El Laguito

This place is not far from Bocagrande. If you like to hang out in the morning then this is a good place because you can experience the music here. Here attracts a young bohemian Those who come to the banks of the calm water to enjoy musical parties.

  1. Playa Koralia

Located in the north of Cartagena, near Santa Marta a beautiful and historical place a Playa Koralia has been preserved over by the people. This area is surrounded by mountains. where  You can walk between the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It makes for a very pleasant journey because it remains a little cold which you can enjoy.

  1. Colombia’s prime surf lodge

An early departure from Cartagena gives you the unique pleasure of spending the night at the Costeno Beach Surf Camp, Surf Lodge. With this,  you can meet other different people here who come from different places.


I hope that this blog will be more useful for you because in this blog you will see the best day trips from Cartagena, where you will found the revolving places and a good resort have been provided. Whether you were planning to go for a day trip with your family or friends. Just book your arik air reservations in advance to save much more on flight booking. Book now and get ready for a perfect and memorable day trips ever.