Protect Your Business with Monitoring Apps

Business organizations these days are equipped with contemporary digital devices like cellphones, tablets, PCs, and computer devices. The reason behind the protection of the business consist of a dozen issues like time-wasting activities, stealing of intellectual property, cyber-attacks, and many other social issues that can become a threat within the business organization.

Therefore, employers are trying their best to make sure the safety of the business to increase productivity and activities of rogue employees on business-owned devices in working hours. All you can do with monitoring apps that empower you to safeguard your business to the fullest. There are two top guns are available on the web that can get the job done for you. Let’s get to know about them in the following.



When it comes to business protection and safeguard the data stored on your devices, you need to use this application on your business devices. 

You can install it on the target devices using its different, unique, and ultimate monitoring features. It is offering multiple products and you can subscribe to the products for cellphones, tablets, PCs, and computer devices.

Each product of TheOneSpy is packed with different and state of the art features that you can use on business devices to make sure the business safety. You can use its products for android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices. The application is worth buying for the business owner to save secret data, prevention of time-wasting activities, and to increase the productivity of the business.

It is user –friendly and only takes a few minutes to complete its setup on the target device. All the Features of each product of TOS provide you instant results. Let’s get to know about products, installation, features, and pricing.

TheOneSpy –Products

  • Android Monitoring appMAC Tracking software
  • Windows surveillance App
  • Non-jailbreak Solution for iPhone (Coming Soon)

TheOneSpy –Features for Android

Users can use features on Android like screen recording, call recording, social media monitoring, IM’s voice calls, email monitoring, browsing activities, and many more. Furthermore, users can use features like password chaser, keystrokes logger, call logs, and remote features to block the internet, incoming calls, and text messages.

TheOneSpy –Features for MAC

You can remotely get access to the online web portal where you can get your hands on mac monitoring software. Furthermore, users can use features such as screen recording, Block websites, camera bug, MIC bug, keystrokes, screenshots, and sync settings.

TheOneSpy –Features for Windows

Users can remotely get access to the target device running with windows OS. Windows tracking app enable you to use features such as view installed apps, surround recording, windows camera tracking, keylogger, browsing activities, and email monitoring.  

TheOneSpy installation

You can go through the official web page of TOS and get subscriptions and get the credential. Moreover, you can get physical access to the target device and start the process of installation. Activate TOS on the target device and use online web portal features and upload the information on the target device.



OgyMogy is one of the best applications for business safety that empowers you to protect the business data and let you keep an eye on employee activities. Install it on your target device and activate it on the target device and use its features. The application has a user friendly interface and easy to install on the target device. Further, it is packed with multiple products and each product has a set of features. Let’s discuss the details about features, products, installation, and many more.

OgyMogy –Products

  • Cellphone spy app
  • Computer Monitoring app
  • Windows TRACKING APP


OgyMogy –Feature FOR Android 

It is packed with plenty of products and features. You can install it on the target device and get access to the online dashboard where you can get your hands on live screen recording, call log, call recorder, read messages, its social media, internet history, and many more.

Ogymogy-features for computer

You can use its online dashboard and activate features such as block websites, screen recording, screenshots, mic bug, camera bug, keystroke logger, and sync settings.

Ogymogy-features for windows

You can use features such as windows location tracking, screen recording, screenshot, installed applications, browser history, software usage time, on-demand screenshots, and many more.

Ogymogy installation 

You can get the online subscription and get physical access on the target device and start the process of installation. Furthermore, get access to the online dashboard and go through the features and upload information to the control panel.


You can use theonepy and ogymogy on the business-owned device like a mobile, tablet, computer and pcs and monitor all the activities. This enables users to protect the business from data breaching, time-wasting activities, and rogue employees.