Benefits of Utilizing the Space Outside Your Business

Benefits of Utilizing the Space Outside Your Business

Utilizing the most of any outdoor area is always a really great idea for increased motivation and extra creative space. This is especially useful when it comes to any used outdoor space outside of a business or company office. 

Providing additional spaces for employees that aren’t just confined to the indoors of four connecting walls can increase company morale and give them a sense of freedom for a major boost in productivity. 

Simply by implementing and installing outdoor street furniture, you can provide your workforce with a much better and healthier work environment. Here are some of the top reasons why making the most of your outdoor space is extremely beneficial. 

Increased concentration and focus 

A huge benefit of working outdoors is increasing the concentration and focus on employees. Indoor workplaces can contain several distractions which can leave employees feeling less concentrated on their work and feeling increasingly irritated. From continuous ringing phones to noisy conversations, indoor work offices can be very loud and disruptive places. This is especially true for larger, more open planned workplaces. Taking your workforce outdoors, however, really eliminates these distractions, and employees are encouraged to work in more peaceful surroundings, which in turn can majorly increase concentration and significantly reduce unwanted disturbances. 

Improved creativity

Another great benefit of working outdoors is improved creativity amongst employees. A study by Stanford University found that walking has hugely beneficial effects on problem solving and idea generation. The results came back as a significant 81% of participants experienced enhanced creative thinking whilst walking outdoors. This shows that the traditional board room setting of everyone sat in one indoor space may not be the most effective approach to brainstorming and unleashing creative ideas. 

Better problem solving

Working in an outdoor setting can also provide employees with a powerful boost for their problem-solving abilities. A study by the University of Utah found that participants who took a hike completed an average of 47% more puzzles compared to those who didn’t take a hike. Taking a hike in the middle of a working day isn’t that feasible, however, the evidence does support that simple walking at a normal and comfortable pace can aid in unlocking the creative pathways of our brain. 

There are a few logistical considerations to take into account when installing outdoor work facilities for employees to make the most of the functionality of the available space. One of these is, of course, the weather conditions and geographic climate of the area in which you are located. For example, it is important to install cooling systems such as sunshades and umbrellas for hotter climates, and put outdoor heating systems such as fireplaces or heat lamps for colder weather. This is so to ensure the comfort of your employees, as well as the feasibility of making the most of the outdoor space.