The Best User-Generated Content Strategy You Need to Know About

User-generated content has great potential for shareability and there is a possibility of going them viral

In the current era, customers are ready to talk about your products and services online. User-generated content has become a significant part of the content marketing strategy. The user-generated content strategy is created by the users of the brand. It is any content including, reviews, images, text, and videos created by people. The brands will share user-generated content on their social media platforms, website, and other marketing channels.

Ways to use user-generated content strategy in marketing


Below are the effective ways to use User Generated Content to make certain success in your marketing efforts:

Video Content 

According to Brainvire the most effective way to create User Generated Content irrespective of what your content is. It is the only way that can help your audience connect you in ways other media can’t. The user-generated content has great potential for shareability and there is a possibility of going them viral. UGC videos offer original perspectives to your services and products and also give credibility to your brand. UGC videos are better than traditional marketing as they can help in engaging your audience and show the support of your customers.


Through gamification, users can create user-generated content. In gamification, the users are supposed to complete a few tasks and are then rewarded and recognized for their participation. The brands use concepts like high-scores, leaderboards, points, and levels to make the users complete tasks and share their achievements. 

Gamification allows users to build a long-term association with their clients and also convert followers into loyal customers.

Hashtag contests 

The best way to get customer content is by hosting contests on social media. They can also create unique hashtags and also get followers to contribute to your hashtag. The UGC hashtag contest can encourage followers to share the contest on social media along with using a particular hashtag. The users can also share content like videos, photos accompanied by a hashtag.

Content for holiday seasons 

The holiday season provides many opportunities for businesses to connect with their customers. The brands can also humanize themselves by connecting with followers on an emotional level. One has to come up with different ways to include User-Generated Content Strategy in your marketing strategy for major events and holiday seasons.

Benefits of user-generated content 

Builds a strong community: The user-generated content strategy will help in building a stronger community. On winning your customers’ trust and increasing your site’s engagement levels, you will be able to build a strong community around your brand. The user-generated content places your brand at the center of your industry or niche’s community. It also allows your business to become a leading presence within that sector.

Helps in understanding of your target audience 

You can gain a much better understanding of your target audience by creating a strong community centered on engagement, trust, and positive perception. Once you have known your audience you will gain clarity as to who they follow, how they engage, and when and why they follow them.

Improve brand perception 

You can reach out to bloggers relevant to your company’s product and values. This way you will reach a new audience that is already interested in what you have to offer. A better review from a renowned blogger will position your brand as desirable, valuable, and reliable.

Examples of top brand’s user-generated content campaigns 


The marketing team of Coca-Cola has come up with an idea to start sharing a coke campaign through the social and ads channels. The idea to begin this campaign emerged when Coke decided to print about 150 most common and well-known names on its bottles asking people to share a coke with their loved ones. The campaign was run in rotation in different countries based on the background of each country, culture, and customs.


Design software company Adobe decided to run a new campaign for talented designers and artists using a Hashtag. They started an Art-Making Series, where the designers were asked to share their creative artwork and showcase their skills using Adobe products. Adobe also used shared UGC for user recommendations, product promotions, and other endorsements. 

The user-generated content can spread awareness about your business and solidify your brand image and enable you to give you a competitive edge. To ensure success, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to gathering UGC. You as a marketer must include user-generated content in your digital marketing strategy to experience positive outcomes such as reliability and authenticity rules in the world of marketing.