The Growing Movement To Unplug: How Reducing Your Electronic Use Can Benefit Your Life

 Many of us grew up hearing our parents tell us that playing video games would rot our brains out. If you are familiar with this refrain, then you, like many other Americans, are more than likely to spend a good portion of your day staring at a screen.


The most recent studies that have been done on the subject indicate that Americans today spend as much as 12 hours a day staring at screens.


This is significantly more than at any point in the past, and it is even detectable using brain scanning technology on children who have and have not had electronics around them as they have been developing.

Top Tips to Help Reduce Your Use of Electronics:

Using electronics is not inherently wrong, but it can become an addiction in the same way that any other addiction can be one. It is essential for you to maintain self-control and to limit your consumption of electronic media. Here are some simple tips that will help you to manage your use of electronics more effectively.


       We Spend as Much as 12 Hours a Day in Front of the TV

Did you know that some people in our country spend over 12 hours a day staring at screens? Most people are more sedentary today than at any point in the past. They spend the majority of their time staring at screens and living vicariously through them.

Take some time away from the screen, and remember to go out and experience the real world for yourself. It will be beneficial for your mental health, and that is great for your cardiovascular health as well if you go out for a walk


       Do Not Start Your Day off by Staring at a Screen

The beginning of the morning is the perfect time to start developing momentum for your day. Depending on the way you wake up, you can set your day up to be a successful one or a challenging one.  If you reach for your phone very first thing upon waking, this is a habit that you should break. It sets you up to start consuming electronics right from the second you wake up, and you will likely continue to consume them throughout the day.


       Only Check Your Emails Once or Twice a Day

Business appears to find us no matter where we are in recent times. If you have a work phone and you are tempted to check your work emails while you are off of work, then perhaps you should leave your work phone at work. It is essential for you only to check your emails once or twice a day; otherwise, it will be easy for you to return and check continuously.


       Have People Call You Instead of Texting

Texting can be incredibly convenient, but it will also keep you on your phone a lot. If someone needs to talk to you about something, it will typically be quicker for them to give you a call. It takes less time to tell someone something than it does to type it out. If someone needs to get a hold of you, let them know that you do not respond to text messaging during the day, but they can feel free to give you a call. You will only get people who need your attention, to call you most likely.


       Do Not Use Social Media on Your Mobile Device

LImit your consumption of social media, especially on your mobile devices. Looking at social media on your mobile device is too tempting.


Since your mobile devices are with you anywhere and we all love talking with friends, it can be incredibly distracting. A better choice would be if you decided only to use social media when you are at home on a desktop computer instead.


Check your Electric Rate.

After you have done everything you can to limit the use of electronic devices, the next step is to ensure the rate you are paying for energy is as low as possible.  Utility providers such as Duquesne Light offer online rate comparisons that can help you minimize your monthly electric bill.