What Are the Benefits of Opting for Customised Blended eLearning Solution?


What is a Customised Blended eLearning Solution?

Customised e-learning solutions is considered to be one of the best elearning courseware, as custom elearning content development is based on the exact requirements of the clients. Similarly, a blended e-learning solution merges a classroom session with virtual form of learning, with assessments and tests practices. This is what makes blended learning an innovative learning methodology. What distinguishes customised elearning from other types of content is that different types of content can be incorporated in the customised elearning solutions. For instance, 3-D and 2-D animations and simulations can be incorporated in the customised elearning solution. Thus, today several eLearning companies in India preferring custom elearning content development over the traditional form of learning. When custom development service is coupled with the blended elearning solution, the resultant content material becomes highly enhanced. This form of elearning courseware is called customised blended elearning solution.

How the combination of customisation and blended e-learning proves out to be the best combo?


When customisation and blended form of e-learning are merged, the content becomes more understandable and simplified. To elaborate, suppose blended elearning and custom elearning content development are incorporated in an elearning course for mechanical engineering technicians or lab technicians working with various types of chemicals. The amalgamationof video lectures delivered by the highly qualified experts; three-dimensional animations; simulations; various detailed diagrams and numerous medical images in the customised blended e-learning courseware help the learners to comprehend the concepts easily. The 3-D and 2-D animations and simulations with detailed explanation of various engine parts and their functioning offer an in-depth understanding about the engine. Furthermore, even technical details related to the working of the engine with other parts of the vehicle and their correlation can be added in the customised e-learning solution. Similarly, which chemical may react with which chemical and what would be the products are clearly explained in the animations and simulations. More importantly, even minute details like atomic structure and their reaction with the surrounding or with other chemicals and can be included by opting for the custom development service based on the blended form of learning. In the same way, for medical content, anatomy of the body; functioning of the kidney or heart or the blood flow or obstruction in them; or blood’s components can be described with animated simulated content, tons of diagrams, and coloured images so that the learners absorb the information like a sponge. Thus, custom elearning solutions is becoming a boon for elearning companies in India in the creation of innvovative elearning materials.

What sets aside the customised blended e-learning solutions?


By combining the custom elearning development services with a blended form of learning, the learners will get the understanding as if they would acquire it in the real job. This means that a student in the college will get to know about the environment and the real life applications of the scientific concepts way before he starts working in the workplace. On the other hand, a new trainee will operate in a safer environment, without putting his life into risk when it comes to chemicals or hazardous materials. Additionally, new technicians can work on virtual applications incorporated within the customised blended e-learning solutions, without damaging a highly priced engine. These custom development service measures not only ensure that the trainees operate under risk free conditions but also give them the required confidence, needed while working with the real-time engines or machines.