Buy high-quality wool products and rugs



Winter is coming, what are your plans for winters? Are you a wool lover and love to wear stylish wool products? Do you love to put beautiful handmade rugs in your room? We have a collection of high-quality Tibetan rugs that are hand-woven and made of high-quality material. In winter, people like to wear woolen scarves and cashmere wool products. Cashmere is of high-quality wool which is obtained from Cashmere goats and some other breeds. These products are unique and you can’t find them easily. But here we are going to tell you about such an amazing platform which is popular for designing scarves, shawls, and beautiful rugs. Oats and rice are not about selling food products, it sells beautiful wool products and rugs.

You can enjoy shopping for beautiful scarves and hand-woven rugs online. Don’t hesitate to do online shopping now because oats & rice promises to deliver the same products as shown in the picture. 

The Oats and Rice

The company was founded in 2015 by a Textile businesswoman. It progressed in days due to the efforts of its owner. Now, the company gathers high-quality wool itself, and then the experts and professionals design and weave the beautiful products. The company believes in “buy less buy better” therefore its products are unique and different from others. They sell less but sell better. It delivers the products in three easy steps:

·         Gather wool

·         Weave it

·         Sell it

But the process is not that much simple, experts know the best way to design and deliver the products. The company is “Oats and Rice” just because of love for nature.

The products

Oats & Rice offers high-quality wool products with 100% pure wool. Cashmere is the finest and high-quality wool which is collected from cashmere goats, pashmina goats, and other breeds. You can buy a variety of cashmere scarves including:

·         Classic and plain

·         Knitted and textured

·         Printed and Tartan

·         Lightweight

These scarves are available in the following colors:

·         Black and white

·         Charcoal and Grey

·         Beige and Brown

·         Orange and Red

·         Green and Blue

The warm and cozy scarves with colorful looks give you a stylish look in summers. The soft texture of scarves will not disappoint you. You can check the website for more shades in the above-mentioned colors.

How to buy

You can buy these amazing products no matter where you live. You can enjoy online shopping from any region of the world. Just select the product and read its description. If you like the product and its specifications, just add it to your cart. If you like to buy more products click on continue shopping otherwise click on “checkout” and proceed. Add your name, country, region, and then shipping and billing information. Pay through your VISA or Mastercard and then proceed. You will not have any issues regarding your privacy and security. Just order and get the product at your doorstep.