5 Interesting Facts About Cricket That Will Blow Away Your Mind

In India, people don’t just watch cricket; they live it. You can divide this nation between two kinds of people- the ones who like cricket and the ones who worship this sport. The cricket jerseys online collection has become huge because people love to wear the jersey as a way to support the team. And, cricket is not just famous for the bustle it makes, but also for the fantastic stories that it forms. From the stories behind cricket jerseys, records to emotions, and controversies, this sport encompasses so many stories. Below we are sharing some interesting facts about this beloved sports that will leave you amazed – 

1. The Test Average of Vinod Kambli than Sachin Tendulkar Who Is His Childhood Friend 

Vinod Kambli has only played 17 test machines, including two back to back double tons. The cricketer was punished for his disciplinary issues in the year 1996. But during his time in the team, he was considered a force to be reckoned with. His performance was better than Sachin Tendulkar, whom the Indians consider the God of cricket. The test average of Vinod Kambli stands at 54.20, whereas Sachin’s average is 53.78, even after 200 tests. While Tendulkar may have worn the Indian cricket Jerseys for a longer time, Kambli still stands ahead. 

2. India was the first-ever team that hosted and won the ICC World Cup. 

India hosted ICC Cricket World Cup in the year 2011, and the boys in blue cricket jerseys won the championship as well. This win made the first-ever team win the World Cup on home ground. 

Post Indian, Australia won the World Cup in their own country in 2015. And, later in 2019, England won the World Cup in its home soil. 

3. Sachin Became a Pakistani Player Before Joining Indian Team

Before joining boys in blue cricket jerseys, Sachin Tendulkar had played for Pakistani team. This happened in a regular practice match in 1987 held at the Brabourne Stadium. He was playing as a substitute fielder for the team, and he later debuted as an Indian player in 1989. 

4. Virat Kohli is the World’s First Player to Win Top Three Awards In A Single Year in 2018

Virat Kohli, who is presently leading the boys in blue cricket jerseys, is crowned as the first cricket to win the top three ICC awards in the year 2018. He was nominated for ICC ODI Player, ICC Cricketer of the Year, and ICC Test Player of the Year, and he won all three. 

5. Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi is the only player who has played for India as well as England.

Iftikhar Ali Khan, who is the grandfather of the famous actor Saif Ali Khan is the only player who has played for India and England. In 1946 he was the captain of the Indian national team for its England tour. Moreover, in 1932 and 1934, he played test matches for England. 

Final Thoughts 

Ever since this sport started, there has been no shortage of stories for us to enjoy. People not only love to watch this sport but also relish the memory that it leaves behind. Above are some unknown facts about cricket that you might not have known before.