Apple Watch Problems that Involve Your Wrist

Heart sensor and other health features of Apple Watch work when you wear the watch correctly. Your Apple Watch with link bracelet for Apple watch looks stylish but there are some problems linked with the way you wear it. Though it is the best smartwatch that you can buy, it can also cause some technical and non-technical issues. For example, Apple Watch Series 3 users have reported some issues after the WatchOS 7 update. However, Apple fixes these issues quickly when reported. In this article, we will solve two Apple watch problems that are linked with your wrist.

Uncomfortable and Itchy Skin Beneath Apple Watch

This often happens when you use a band made from poor quality leather or other material. You can avoid this problem by using the best quality link bracelet for Apple Watch. Sometimes, skin in direct contact with the watch’s sensors feels uncomfortable and itchy. You may not experience this problem immediately after wearing your watch. The watch’s sensors cause these problems after you wear the watch for a while. In general, only some Apple Watch users seem to have these problems. However, the sensor points of the watch can be very bad for some of them. 

If you have skin sensitivity issues, there is no real way to fix these problems. However, you can limit the impact of sensor points.

Take the following steps:

1. Loosen your link bracelet for Apple Watch. Sweat trapped between sensors and your skin can cause discomfort and itchiness. This impacts the ability of your skin to breathe. To avoid this, you simply need to loosen the strap for a while. The skin beneath the Apple Watch sensors gets exposure to breathe.

2. You don’t need to have the watch around your wrist for an entire day. So, you can take a scheduled break. Your skin will get the time it needs to recover. You can put it next to your laptop at work. If you experience minor discomfort and itching, it will stop in no time. Soon your skin will get used to the watch’s sensors.


3. Try a different strap. Straps for the Apple Watch are made using different materials such as leather, and stainless steel. If you are using a leather strap, try a link bracelet for Apple Watch.

Raising Wrist Does not Turn on the Apple Watch

When you do a flicking motion or raise your wrist, the display of your Apple Watch comes into life. However, sometimes this does not happen when you raise your wrist.

Take the following steps

1. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone. 2. Tap My Watch tab 3. Tap General 4. Tap Wake Screen

This will turn on Wake Screen. 

1. You may experience this problem because of your watch being in Theatre Mode. Check the top of the screen. If you can see the theatre icon, your watch is in theatre mode. You need to turn the theatre Mode off. Press the digital crown and put your finger at the bottom of the screen. Now, swipe up to access the Control Centre. Look for the Theatre Mode icon. Tap on this icon.

2. If the Wake Screen is on and theatre mode is also off, you may be experiencing this problem because you have not updated iOS device or Apple Watch. Check if any update is available or not. Launch Settings app, go to General and then go to Software Update. To check if any update for Apple Watch is available or not, launch Watch app, go to General and then Software Update. 

So, these were two Apple Watch problems that involve your wrist. If these problems are because of the strap, switch it with a link bracelet for Apple Watch.