Unfallgutachten: what the assessment says is important


We have all encountered the problem of vehicle assessment. Whether you want to replace or sell a used one all depends on the law of supply and demand. Nothing new, that’s the fairest way. But what if you have some damage to the car, scratches that need to be fixed, a bumper that is hanging or you are missing a stamp in the service book and you want to be clean? Let go of stories, “painters and tinsmiths from friends,” discounts “at relatives,” questionable traffic light deals, and repairs of questionable quality. All this can be evaluated fairly, according to strictly determined rules of the profession. KFZ Gutachter München offers an accurate insight into the damage and the potential value of the repair, and therefore whether there is an impact on the value of the vehicle.

There is no perfect used car. Scratch there, scratch there. Poor quality tires, cracked glass or worn plastic on the doorstep – all this affects the value. You can sum it up on your own, but imagine someone doing the assessments all day calling on the phone for every little thing. The appraiser needs the right tool that knows everything – a database of parts prices and manufacturer’s standards. The best solution is the computer program Audatex, which is regularly updated with all the prices of parts published by local dealers. That is why it is used by more serious repair shops, insurers, home leasing. For each new model, norms and standards are entered according to which it is necessary to perform possible repairs. The manufacturer takes care of this even before the car hits the market. It is a money-saving program because the time required for evaluation is extremely short and clients will not be deprived.

Of course, when buying used from a private hand you can always trust both your instinct and knowledge. Those more experienced will weigh well what all has to be done on the vehicle and how much it will cost, but we are not all resellers, are we? In large systems, such as leasing companies, it is impossible to entrust the valuation to individuals and that is why it is called a certified appraiser. In specific cases, KFZ Sachverständiger München can assess the value of the vehicle at the request of the client – a natural person. The assessment is made by taking into account not only the value of the car of a certain age and the installed engine, but even the equipment and the decrease in value in accordance with the age and condition of the vehicle and the mentioned equipment. This is necessary because today’s cars, in addition to, for example, a surcharge for sports suspension, usually bring some additional spoiler or body accessories. In this case, the damage to a well-equipped car is not the same and the program makes a clear difference in assessment. The same principle applies to all other car parts.

The fact is that a natural person who sells his car will not necessarily need Audatex, because the agreed matter of the buyer and the seller is the final price and terms of sale. But if you get stuck somewhere, aren’t sure about the other side’s honesty, don’t understand cars and damages, or just want to be clean, it may be best to seek the help of a Mobile Expert. That way, you will sleep peacefully with the certainty that your new or old car has been fairly assessed to your and the other party’s satisfaction.