5 Tips to Keep Your Car Cool Duringsummer

5 Tips to Keep Your Car Cool Duringsummer


Is there anything worse than sitting out in Dubai heat? I don’t think so. Notoriously known for harming the skin and objects, Dubai summer is unbearable in every possible way. If you have an AC car, then half of the summer struggle will be eliminated. But what about parking your beloved car outdoors when the sun is shining with all its might? Your car is definitely at the mercy of its elements. Here are some Tips to Keep Your Car Cool duringsummer.

Install a Car Parking Shade

According to Mister Shade MEa leading car parking shades supplier in UAE, if you are living in a country like UAE, then it is compulsory to have a car parking sheds for your cars. The summers are torrid in the Middle East region and exposing your car directly to the sun will affect their ageing, paint and can even cause damage to the products inside. Getting a car parking shade will not only give shade to the car by protecting them from the harmful sun rays but also help to keep the indoors cool thereby enhances fuel efficiency as your A/C won’t have to work as hard.

There are different types of car parking shades available in the market. Solar carport structure is one of a sustainable approach to give shade to your car parking by generating electricity with solar power. Other solar shade structures are made with high-quality, durable materials to withstand the harsh weather of the Middle East region. However, it is necessary to have a thorough research before per suing the shopping of the carport structures. Reach out to a highly reputed company with good background and client base for all your shading requirements.


Use dash covers

A fabric dash cover can protect the intense heating of the car indoors. It also protects cars interior from sun damage that can cause cracking and fading.

Cover the steering wheel

Parking the car out in the sun can cause the heating up of steering wheels. This will be a huge hindrance for the drivers to take the car instantly or else they have to wait for the heat to cool down inside the car as well as the steering. Covering the steering wheel with hand towel will help to keep the contact temperature of your steering wheel down.

Put blankets on your seat.

When you go out in the sun after parking the cars in unshaded areas, the car tends to heat up. If your vehicle is having vinyl or leather seats, then the materials will heat up as well, making it difficult for you to sit. To avoid this difficult situation, you can place the blankets on the seat. When you return to the car, you can put those blankets on the trunk or floor beds.

Leave your car doors open.

Keeping your car doors open before getting into the car will help the hot air exit and the cool air enter. In this way, you can reduce the instant heat flush once you enter inside the vehicle.

Hope these tips will come in handy for a smooth summer with your vehicle.