5 Main Facts of Total War Pre Workout | Read to Know

Fitness is an essential routine for many youngsters. No matter how busy they are, they somehow manage to take out time for their physical exercise. You might have seen gyms & parks in the early morning flooded with fitness freaks. Moreover, due to the awareness of severe health conditions, people of all ages follow healthy practices (including workouts, yoga, nutritional diet, etc.). 

Your body gets exhausted after heavy lifting or due to a high number of squats. Exercise takes a lot of effort & strength to remain fit and tone your body into shape. In short, one requires a healthy diet, post or pre-workout. Nowadays, fitness lovers look for a dairy-free protein powder to build the body’s strength. 

Is It Effective to Have Before-Workout Proteins?

Well, we all know protein is vital to create enzymes & other hormones. However, pre-workout protein consumption was always a bit of chaos. Few think the taking of proteins after a workout is much beneficial. Let us know how pre-workout protein can be helpful.

➤ Muscle Building

Workout for long hours can cause weakness and muscle soreness. Pre-workout proteins are essential to fuel muscles and deliver the capability to do exercise with consistency. Do you know about BCAAs? BCAAs stands for “Branched Chain Amino Acids” that consist of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These are not produced by our body automatically. We need external ways to seek benefits. Proteins include BCCAs that are better to take before workouts as it decreases muscle fatigue and accelerates energy level.

➤ Perform Protein Synthesis

Protein synthesis is a biological process where human cells generate protein. There are generally two stages of the process- transcription, and translation. Consuming proteins before exercise is more beneficial as it increases the level of protein synthesis. However, prevent muscle cramps & joint pains. Check out the redcon1 pre-workout protein powder and it is quite popular to gain body strength. 

➤ Calories Booster

According to Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise, taking one scoop of whey protein prior to workouts is productive as it burns more calories. Proteins increase the metabolism rate and pump more energy as well as calories. So, more calories mean that more of your body is charged.  

➤ After-Workout Effect

You might be wondering that protein gets absorbed during a workout, so it’s better to take after exercise. Pre-workouts protein has a significant impact on your body. The nutritional level stays even post workouts for 3-4 hours. This is due to protein synthesis as it elevates blood amino acids during the session, so there is less chance of muscle breakdown. It’s better to take protein shakes before 30 minutes of your gym.  

Fat Oxidation

Everyone wants a professional trainer to guide & monitor their exercise. Trainers make them do high-intensity exercise to shape their bodies & build their inner strength. To do physical activities, one needs an appropriate diet. Having protein, especially when glycogen level is low, leads to an increase in fat burning or fat oxidation.

So, the above are some practical effects of pre-workout protein consumption. Make your body healthy and have a quality protein powder that offers magical results.