The Trendy Travel outfit Ideas for Women

The Trendy Travel outfit Ideas for Women

Everyone needs to travel every now and then. May it be work-related, a stress busting holiday, a visit to a distant relative or friend, or just an excuse to redeem your frequent flier miles. No matter the reason for the trip, we ladies always long to carry ourselves with grace. Travelling can get hectic at times. Some of us love to travel while some just hate the ordeal of getting from one place to another. Nonetheless, travelling is a draining task for most of us, and putting up with it is easier said than done. Remember, the prime motive during travel should be your comfort. Uneasy clothing is always a no-no, no matter how appealing your choice might look. Try simple accessories like permanent jewelry that you don’t have to worry about for easy travel. Whatever you wear, you should be able to stay relaxed in your outfit.

Let’s have a look at a few ways to be comfortable in transit without cutting short on your style quotient.

The White Canvas (a.k.a. the baggy white shirt)

White is an ideal heat reflector which makes it highly suitable for travel wear. You may think of white as a cliché and a bit overdone attire base but trust me; with the right combination with other styling accessories, you can turn the tables around. Here are a few looks you can opt for.

–          For the first look, you see a solid white shirt (preferably keeping it unbuttoned). Use a dark colored crop over the shirt. Put on a jacket over the previous two, and you’re done with the torso. You can complete the look with a pair of custom jeans.

–          For the next look, you need to convert a loose white shirt into a crop top. You can do this using a belt above your navel, tucking the shirt under the belt. Let the remaining part of the shirt hang loose, keeping the belt hidden beneath. You can pair it with denim shorts, and a pair of espadrilles.

–          The third look is quite simple yet trendy. You simply need the same kind of loose white shirt and tie it in a knot at your abdomen and pair it with an exquisite skirt (preferably animal printed).

–         You can also try mismatching the shirt buttons and let the loose upper end dangle around, revealing one of your shoulders. Pair it with olive or beige colored trousers or canvas sneakers with a classic white tee.

The Boho Vibe

Bohemian style is very popular among travel enthusiasts and wanderers on account of its comfort levels. This style has tremendous scope for experimentation. It’s a genre of dressing employing designs primarily from the medieval eras. Trust me when I say ‘you won’t find anything more relaxing than this style of dressing’.

To adopt this style on your trip, you need a single piece Bohemian dress. They are based on flaccid natural fabrics inked with beautiful patterns in earthy colours. There are literally millions of patterns to choose from. You can express creativity with the right accessories. Since it is a natural style of dressing, try sticking to similar accessory options like straw tote bags or beach bags. You can also ramp up your boho vibe with a pair of wooden hoops or wood bead earrings. For matching footwear, you can opt for woven mules or natural colored flip flops, or something similar. Try a flowery hat if you deem fit. Just keep in mind to embrace nature while selecting add-ons for this style.

Basic instincts:

If you are in a somber mood, or are in a rush and don’t have enough time to customize your attire in detail, go for the basics. Always keep the basics in handy while traveling.

You can go for any fitted cropped blouse (preferably in solid colours), or any basic solid spaghetti. Pair it with cuffed cosy sweatpants. You can go for sneakers or sliders based on your convenience. You may add colored clips to your hair for that chic look.  Top it up with any glares like cat eyed sunglasses or likewise.

Vintage desire (a.k.a. the Rachael Green):

Another classy genre of attire, the vintage look can be acquired through numerous combos.

Start with a retro style patterned shirt of your choice. Roll up the sleeve and tuck the shirt in. Throw in a large buckled belt (yes, it should be large). To go with it, denim shorts would be my first suggestion. Try slim fit, high waist, folded bottom denim shorts. Now for your hair, try the high messy bun. Should work wonders for this look. Complete the look with your favorite pair of shoes or sneakers.

Travel fashion is more about feeling comfortable and relaxed while being on the run. Comfort should always be your first priority, followed by visual appeal. Stick to this basic line of thought while packing your bags. Happy holidays.