Traditions followed in an engagement ceremony in London

Traditions followed in an engagement ceremony in London

The engagement ceremony is a traditional etiquette of proposing marriage. The big start of the upcoming happy road is the engagement ceremony. The steps in the engagement ceremony in the past had changed over time. The traditional engagement etiquette is different from modern engagement etiquette. There are many occasions to be followed for a successful engagement ceremony. 

1. Before the proposal 

The groom-to-be has to initially ask the father of the bride-to-be for his daughter’s hand for the proposal. Initially, the father will be in search of the groom for his daughter considering various aspects. When the father is happy with the proposal, the groom-to-be will ask the daughter. In case the father or mother of the bride is deceased, the groom can skip this step. The groom-to-be proposes to the girl, but the bride-to-be can also propose to the man on February 29th. 

2. Proposing the bride

According to the traditional way, the groom-to-be gets the ring. Then he gets down on one knee in front of the bride-to-be to propose to her. But in the modern days, the groom-to-be is proposing to the girl with a temporary ring. After she accepts the proposal, they select the permanent ring together. Some guys do not like to get down on one knee while proposing to a girl. In the Victorian era, the engagement ceremony is considered to be the promising day to get married. If the groom-to-be absconded, then the bride-to-be can sue the person for violating the promise.

3. Engagement ring

The selection of the engagement ring is a joyful yet important step. It is a memorable day because they both involve in selecting the engagement ring together. Each couple has their own preference according to their taste and budget. If you are looking to purchase engagement ring London, the best place in Hatton Garden. You can get all varieties of diamonds and precious metals. This place is most famous among the new couples because it is budget-friendly. If you like to spend more, there are many trusted posh brands. For medium and low-cost options also there are popular shops available.

4. Engagement party

The friends and family of the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be are invited to the engagement party. The father of the bride-to-be walks-in into the engagement hall with the bride-to-be. The initial speech is given by the father of the bride followed by the bride. The friends and family of both the families are introduced to each other. The groom proposes the bride with a ring by bending down on one of his knees. Hatton garden jewellers London has trendy designs in all budget. The groom put the ring on the bride’s left-hand(usually, on the third finger). This is because of the belief that the third finger is having a connection to the heart. This is how the engagement ceremony is carried out from ancient times. The bride’s family takes care of the engagement budget or both families share the cost.

Ranny Watson