Facebook News Feed not Loading Properly

Facebook News Feed not Loading Properly

Regularly when you peruse Facebook, you are more likely than not seen that the news channel is rehashing a similar substance. For a few, it may not make any difference that much. Nonetheless, some others can truly have a bothering experience. There is nobody reason concerning why this issue occurs with the Facebook News Feed. There can be a ton of opportunities for this. 

In this guide, we have talked about certain variables that can make the Facebook News Feed emphasize similar news over and over. You should remember that Facebook is profoundly adjustable. In this way, clients can really set what content they wish to see. In basic terms, they can set an inclination that will take into account the posts shared by their #1 page and Facebook companions. We should dive into the subtleties of how this thing functions. 

The most effective method to Solve Facebook News Feed not Updating Regularly 

Check your Internet 

Frequently because of repeating low availability, the Facebook Feed doesn’t revive. Thus, the client continues to see a similar arrangement of updates on his home screen. In the event that you are affirming that there is a web issue, contact your specialist co-op for speedy redressal. It is really a typical issue. On the off chance that you play web based games, with helpless availability you will experience issues, for example, the game screen stalling out at a certain point. Again when the web resumes solid availability, the application resumes from where it slacked. Thus, this is a minor issue that might be the guilty party for the Facebook channel not refreshing with time. 

Facebook Server Down Time 

This implies Facebook is doing some support so you are not having the option to perceive any new updates from your selection of individuals and Pages. You need to stand by till the Facebook worker is once more into running condition. ordinarily, it requires a couple of hours. Likewise, when it occurs, a significant lump of clients face it immediately. In this way, it won’t be long before it. 

Clear App Cache and Data 

This interaction helps when some impermanent records are put away in the store and that is influencing the presentation of the application. Here is the way you can clear the application store and information. 

  • Go to Settings > App and Notifications 
  • Tap on See All Apps 
  • Look down and search for Facebook. Tap on it 
  • Tap on Data and Storage 
  • Presently tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data 
  • Again open the Facebook application from the application cabinet 

Is your Facebook application the Latest Version.? 

Regularly individuals overlook the application reports on their cell phones. Typically, Facebook News Feed may not refresh because of some bug issues. Facebook is immediate in settling bugs and mistakes. They do that through the application refreshes. In this way, go to Play Store App > Tap on the 3-level bar menu button > Tap on Apps and games. Presently look in the rundown of yet to be refreshed applications and check whether Facebook is there. On the off chance that you see Facebook, tap on the Update button adjacent to it. 

Re-introducing Facebook 

It’s a lovely basic fix completed by various individuals. 

  • Log out of your Facebook. 
  • Long push on the application. You should see a choice to Uninstall. Tap on it. 
  • At that point open the Play Store. In the pursuit bar type Facebook 
  • You should see the Facebook application. Tap on Install. 

Follow this technique on the off chance that different strategies don’t work. 

Utilize the Lite rendition of the application 

Only one out of every odd individual is utilizing the most recent leader grade cell phone. Thus, with mid-reach and low mid-range gadgets, memory the executives issues will in general occur. Because of low RAM, the serious applications don’t perform well. This isn’t restrictive to Facebook as it were. It can happen to any application so far as that is concerned. 

Nowadays well known applications are concocting their Lite form. Facebook Lite is very mainstream also. Regularly, these applications are memory effective and furthermore information productive. Clients with cell phones coming up short or precarious RAM can in any case deal with Facebook pretty proficiently. 

Customize your News Feed Preference 

Facebook furnishes you with the choice to tweak your Facebook News Feed with every one of the most recent happenings from your companions and the pages you follow. There is a choice called Most Recent Stories. You just need to empower it on your gadget. At that point you can get the most recent occurrence from those chosen Pages and Facebook Friends that make a difference to you. 

Thus, that is it. These were some itemized bits of knowledge on how you can address the no update issue on your Facebook News Feed. We trust that this guide was valuable to you.


Here you learnt some methods which will help you in fixing the issue of facebook not loading news feed properly. But if these are not the solution for you then Facebook customer service is the best option. Here you will get professionals who will help you in fixing your issue. Contact with them any time they will provide you immediate and effective solutions for yoru issue.