Get updated with the latest bathroom trends in 2021

Get updated with the latest bathroom trends in 2021

As there are new styles being introduced in the market choosing tiles is no longer an easy thing. There are varieties not just in terms of patterns but styles, color, shapes, texture, etc. As we move on with the time so does the trend, some stay, some get replaced. For example, mirror wall tiles, graphic tiles are in trend. 

Below mentioned are some of the trends to be followed in 2021: 

1. Graphic Tiles 

Graphic pattern tiles can be used in a variety of places, including your bathroom, ranging from subway tiles to ceramic. This design style allows homeowners to express themselves creatively or employ a designer to do so for them.

Manufacturers have broadened their product lines to provide truly exclusive designs to homeowners. The demand for the same is growing wide. 

2. Wood finish:

Wood finishes are meant to add that classy and sassy look to say anything! Especially if it is done on tiles, we can imaging the feel of stepping into the bathroom of a 5 or 7-star hotel. The classic look it adds to the bathroom speaks for the demand which has risen over time. Even the smallest of bathrooms will benefit from a mix of wood-colored tiles, a basin, and stylish bathroom ware. When you like to enjoy your me-time, wood finish bathroom tiles strengthen the sense of nature and give you a sense of calm and quiet.

Pro tip: You can experiment with natural stone tiles and other materials to give the room a more compelling look.

3. Mirror tiles

Mirror tiles have been in trend for a good period and it still does. It is one of the most eye-catching styles which has gained a lot of preference and love by the people in a very less time. However, it has been in high demand if the bathroom is made more for the guests to attend. It gives a very high-class look. 

4. Matte tiles

Matte Finishes are one of the biggest trends which have continued in 2021. In modern bathrooms, the matte charcoal gray tiles are stylish. They have a gentle yet strong beauty style that is attractive and classy at the same time. Matte tiles have the advantage of hiding smudges and water stains better than glossy tiles.

They are best suitable for the bathrooms which will be more in use. They’re easier to keep clean because they have a low sheen. Since matte finish tiles do not reflect light, make sure there is both natural and artificial lighting when installing them.

5. Glossy tiles:

They’re particularly good for small bathrooms because they seem to reflect a lot of light and give the impression of a larger space. Glossy finish tiles are commonly used on walls or low-traffic bathroom floor areas because they need more maintenance. 

Matte finish tiles are the way to go if you want understated beauty and unspoken sophistication. They’re also perfect if you want your bathroom to have an earthy feel. Glossy finish tiles, on the other hand, are perfect if you want something a little more dramatic and attention. 

6. Neutral tiles:

Neutral colors are predominant in contemporary designs, and this theme will continue in 2021 bathroom tile patterns. Bright colors like blue, red, and yellow are not common in bathrooms and are unlikely to become so any time soon. Instead, homeowners tend to go for neutrals, especially nude neutrals like grey and cream. As complementary neutrals, grey and beige have become extremely common. It has gained immense popularity that a new color has been named and is being used in product designs. 

7. Dimensional tiles:

Who doesn’t love to experiment with shapes? Here’s the latest scenario, not only are tile colors and designs becoming more varied, but manufacturers are also experimenting with form. The conventional rectangle will give way to a number of other geometric shapes in the bathroom tile trends of 2021. The hexagon is one form that has seen a revival in recent years.

Ranny Watson