5 Common Mistakes When Choosing a Finance Software

5 Common Mistakes When Choosing a Finance Software

Table of Content

  • What is a Financial Software?
  • Features of Finance Management Software
  • Benefits of Using a Finance Software
  • Top 5 Mistakes People Make While Choosing a Finance Management Software
  • Conclusion

In this competitive world, having an automated system for managing the organizations’ books in any industry is one of the most important factors. But for that, there are some aspects that need to be considered. The first thing is to see whether the businesses require online financial services or enterprise software. Now the developer can host the software and see where it goes. Regardless of these things, businesses tend to make some common mistakes in choosing the right financial application for their organizations. Therefore, to make it clearer we are going to have a look at such mistakes that can be easily avoided.

What is a Financial Software?

Financial software is something that automates and stores all the financial information of the business. It assists the organization in handling the storage, management, analysis, and process of the records and transactions. Financial software helps corporations to manage business ledgers, finances, and accounting needs. The software can track all the financial records, categorize the expenses & income, and synchronize all the transactions with credit cards and bank details of the companies. Besides, the finance management software can enable the users to pay online bills, track & manage investments, work with budgets, create tax-related reports, and provide details about the financial net worth of the organization.

Features of Finance Management System

Some of the top features of the financial software are –

1.   Asset Management System

The assets or let’s say the valuable things of the organization are the determining factor for delivering accurate statements for all the finance of the business. Besides, the software also enables the organization to manage the inventory levels according to the operations and capital data.

2.   Managing Records

The financial system can easily manage the records of the business with the help of middleware by implementing a solution that is cloud-based and helps in reducing all the implementation costs.

3.   Revenue Management

The accounting system has revenue management modules integrated with it by default. This can make it handle all the audit trail and can also automate the tax agreements, Besides this, nowadays, financial software comes with risk management tools that enable the business to protect the data and assets of the organization and save them from getting theft.

4.   Analytics and Reporting

The financial system comes with analytical tools that can organize and analyze the financial data that offers important insights on the real-time business data and also enables a clear insight into the performance and stability of the organization.

Benefits of Using a Finance Solution

 Here are some of the benefits of choosing the financial software –

1.   Data Security

As you know that security is the most important thing when it comes to handling finance on any software or application. Therefore, nowadays, the software comes with options that enable multi-level authorization. Besides, the robust software can help in auditing the sensitive and integral financial data of any organization.

2.   Scalability

With the increase in the business, every organization needs to have a wider range of systems that can help in handling the market growth over various locations.

3.   Enterprise Operations

Financial ERP software created by enterprises can integrate its operations with financial data. The interlinked data resource of the ERP system not only allows the organization to integrate the data but also enables them to reduce the complexity of the company’s processes.

4.   Accurate Financial Data

The finance systems are not only used by the organizations for error-free accounting but also for planning, budgeting, and forecasting. Besides offering assets and expense management, it also provides easy integration with various banking portals.

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Finance Management Solution

Here is a list of mistakes to avoid while choosing an accounting solution for your organization –

1.   Not Including Enough Viewpoints

One of the most common errors a person can make while choosing the system is not having a clear idea about what he actually needs. Having a clear goal or a set of requirements can make it a lot easier to evaluate and choose the right software. Therefore, having a list of requirements before the selection process can make it a lot faster to choose. For this, the business owner can also include the stakeholders in the selection process and see what point of view they have about any particular software you think is right for your firm. After collecting the input from the stakeholders and future users, one can create a requirements document that can be used throughout the selection process. This makes the business processes smooth and easier. Therefore, organizations must not avoid including the viewpoints.

2.   Ignoring the Database

When any type of software becomes a part of the organization’s daily work process, it becomes essential to keep the database in mind. Be it on-premises or off-premises software, the database where all the information is going to be stored is the one thing that must be considered at the very beginning. Some of the financial software vendors allow a limited amount of data to be stored on their system and some enterprise-level software comes with a variety of databases. Therefore, the database cannot be ignored and the business owner must keep his options open on which type of software to go with to avail the best data storage facilities. For this, the management of the organization must work with the IT and accounting team to determine which system can be the best choice for syncing with the organization’s data.

3.   Neglecting the Point-of-Sale (POS)

There are many financial solutions in the market that don’t offer point-on-sale integration and this becomes a huge issue for the restaurants and brick-and-mortar businesses who have to conduct small transactions across many different locations. Therefore, before purchasing any accounting software, do check if it supports POS or not. Because the billing software that does have POS integrated can automatically gather, synchronize, and organize transactions easily. The POS integration reduces the requirement of inserting the data manually and it offers the finance teams oversight into when and where the company’s revenue is being generated. Therefore, companies must not avoid it.

4.   Not Including the HR in Accounting Software

Having HR management software like Editors’ Choice BambooHR can make the interaction with the accounting software easy and because of that its adoption process becomes smooth. The integration of these two tools gives you a birds-eye view of how everything is affecting the employees, are they comfortable with a new system or not. This makes it easier for the organization to understand the crossover impact of the recruitment cost, expense management, and layoffs cost. Therefore, to make the operations of the business intelligent and automated, including the HR management software with your financial system is essential.

5.   Selecting Low-priced Option

Going with the lowest priced option is one of the biggest mistakes every business owner tends to make at the initial stage. Sticking to the budget is the necessary thing but it is also important to calculate the TCO over the intended software lifestyle. TCO can include any required hardware for the software to run and it can also include maintenance, integration, implementation, and training costs of the software. All these are necessary because not every low-priced software offers everything that your business will require and it will eventually be a waste of money.


As we saw in this blog, choosing the right financial software without any mistakes is really important if you want your business to work smoothly. The software developers can come up with perfect accounting software that can not only manage the ledgers but also improve the security aspects. Therefore, keeping the above-listed points in mind can help you select the right software without making a common mistake.