What Makes the Best CBD E Liquid in the UK?

What Makes the Best CBD E Liquid in the UK?

Lots of people have turned to vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking and now many of these vapers are shifting over to vaping CBD as an even healthier alternative to regular vape juice. But what is a CBD e liquid and what makes the best CBD e liquid in the UK

What is CBD? 

CBD stands for cannabidiol which is a chemical compound called a cannabinoid that is found in Cannabis. Although we associate using cannabis with getting high, CBD does not get you high. This is from another well known cannabinoid, THC, that has psychoactive properties. In the UK, all CBD is derived from the hemp plant which is a CBD-dominant cannabis plant that has little to trace amounts of THC. This makes hemp the best for CBD e liquids in the UK in order to be compliant with UK regulation where CBD products cannot contain THC. 

CBD has been found to deliver a number of positive health benefits – relieving anxiety, helping with sleep, reducing aches and pains, plus a whole lot more. However, each of us are very different in terms of how we will react so give it a go and see what it helps with! 

Why is vaping CBD the best format? 

There are many ways you can take CBD – in an edible CBD oil or a CBD gummy, but by far the most effective way is vaping CBD. When you vape CBD it enters your lungs and is immediately absorbed into your bloodstream. So unlike CBD edibles, it does not need to pass through your digestive system first. Instead the onset time of the CBD is almost instant and a lot more of the CBD is likely to be absorbed not getting lost along the way.

What is CBD E-Liquid?

CBD e liquid does not differ from normal e liquid – it is pretty much the same but with all the wonderful relaxing and calming benefits of CBD mixed in!  CBD e liquid uses the same base mix of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine and then hemp extract and natural terpenes (for flavouring) are dissolved into this. 

There are two ways to vape CBD – CBD e liquid (which we are discussing) or CBD vape oil. CBD e liquid is less high strength than a CBD vape oil. Where a CBD e liquid is 5 – 10% CBD a CBD vape oil is 50%+ because it is not diluted down by an e liquid base mixture.

What’s the difference between a weed e liquid and a CBD e liquid? 

In the UK, some retailers market CBD e liquid as weed e liquid to draw the distinction to cannabis or weed. Be sure to double check that your weed e liquid does actually contain hemp extract (not another cannabis plant as this would be illegal) and is not just an e liquid with weed flavouring added so it does actually have CBD in it. 

What makes the best CBD e liquid in the UK? 

Here is a list of things to look for if your want to find the best CBD e liquid in the UK: 

  • Broad spectrum CBD: meaning there are other minor cannabinoids present alongside the CBD. This enhances the therapeutic benefits of the CBD. 
  • The best natural terpenes in the UK: CBD e liquids should be high in natural terpenes for an authentic taste and flavour. They should not use any artificial flavouring. The best CBD e liquids in the UK  are derived from the most famous cannabis strains like Super Amnesia Haze 
  • Does not contain nicotine: most, if not all CBD e liquids do not contain nicotine – why make a good thing bad? 

CBD e liquids are not high strength: they should be between 5-10% to ensure a smooth vape. Anything stronger will throw off the PG : VG ratio and won’t make for a good vape experience.

Ranny Watson