5 interesting facts about man made diamonds

5 interesting facts about man made diamonds

For many years, the jewellery made using the naturally mined diamonds has dominated the jewellery industry. But recently the lab grown diamonds which are also known as man-made diamonds have started gaining popularity. The increase in consciousness and responsibility towards our environment have led people to choose jewellery made of lab grown diamonds over the ones made of naturally mined diamonds. Hence, slowly but steadily the lab grown diamond jewellery are gaining the admiration of the people across the world. Since most of the people are still in the dark regarding the relatively new lab grown diamonds, here are some interesting facts about them which will give you an insight about them.

Lab grown diamonds are not fake diamonds

The lab grown diamonds are similar to the naturally mined diamonds when it comes to their chemical, physical and optical properties. Also known as engineered or cultured diamonds, these diamonds are created in a lab but have the same brilliance and sparkle as that of a natural diamond so much so that one cannot tell them apart with a naked eye. In fact most of these diamonds are classified as Type IIa diamonds, a label which is rarely given to mined diamonds.

Created in a laboratory

The lab grown diamonds are created in a laboratory under conditions which mimics the atmosphere found under the earth’s crust where the natural diamonds are formed over a period of a billion years. The two main procedures used to create the man-made diamonds are the Chemical Vapour Deposition and High Pressure Heat techniques. 


The ornaments and jewellery made of lab grown diamonds are more affordable that the ones made of natural diamonds. This is because lab grown diamonds are created over a period of few weeks and their supply is constant. Therefore, lab grown diamond engagement rings are much cheaper in the market today than a natural diamond engagement ring. This has led to increased sales of lab grown diamond jewellery because more people can now afford diamond jewellery.

Eco friendly and sustainable

The reason why lab grown diamond jewellery has increased in popularity is because they are environment friendly and sustainable. The concerns related to open pit mining, pollution and deforestation are eliminated in the process of creating lab grown diamonds. Also the ethical and humanitarian disadvantages associated with the mining of natural diamonds are not present with the lab creation of diamonds. In fact lab grown diamonds create more safe employment opportunities as compared to natural diamonds.

Man-made diamonds are also forever

A natural diamond was labelled as “forever” since it is one of the hardest substances available which makes it literally invincible. Even though lab grown diamonds are created by man-made techniques, they are also extremely hard and difficult to damage. Lab grown diamonds UK are extremely tough and sparkle with an everlasting brilliance. Hence even they last forever and the jewellery made using them can be passed on from one generation to another.


Ranny Watson