CCIE Exam: What You Must Know In 2021?

CCIE Exam: What You Must Know In 2021?

The original name is Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. Cisco Expert Line certifications have long been one of the most valuable and prestigious technical certifications in the IT industry. Confirmation of their knowledge at the CCIE level takes place in two stages – first, the written CCIE exam is passed, and after successfully passing it within 180 days, the candidate chooses the date and place of the full-time laboratory work for the CCIE status.

At this time, starting somewhere in 2014, it makes sense to initially aim at the expert level of certification, because The IT market is overflowing with jobseekers with basic (often purchased) CCNA Routing and Switching and CCNP Routing and Switching certifications.

However, the number of CCIEs in the labor market is already such that most of them are far from working as architects of complex solutions, but as engineers, equipment sales consultants, and even technical support in data centers. So if they say something like “Yes, it’s enough to make a certificate for yourself at any cost and everything, life is good, they’ll just pay money for the crust, you don’t have to work” – that means they are deceiving and preparing to sell something unnecessary.

Cisco CCIE certifications

The certifications of this family are divided into areas:

Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification – Enterprise Infrastructure Expert

Cisco CCIE Enterprise Wireless Certification – Wireless Expert

Cisco CCIE Security Certification – Network Security Expert

Cisco CCIE Service Provider Certified – Carrier Network Expert

Cisco CCIE Collaboration (formerly CCIE Voice) Certification – UC Technology Expert

Cisco CCIE Data Center Certified – Data Center Technology Expert

Cisco CCDE (Design Expert) Certification – Large Network Architectural Expert

Previously also existed

Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching Certification – Enterprise Networking Expert

Cisco CCIE Wireless Certification – Wireless Expert

Cisco CCIE Storage Networking Certification – SAN Expert

But since February 2020, they are considered obsolete (although this does not apply to the material studied in preparation for them). Also recently there is a purchased status of CCIE Emeritus, which is related to the CCIE, but getting it is not related to technical skills.

Preparing for Cisco CCIE

To prepare for CCIE, you need to know perfectly the material of the relevant professional certification (for example, CCNP Routing and Switching in the case of CCIE: RS), plus complete additional training. We offer our CCIE Routing & Switching Preparation Program. You must scrutinize the Spoto CCIE EI lab for a better hold on your preparations.

CCIE Bootcamp

The first part of the preparation is to enroll in the next Cisco CCNA-IACS 1.0 course and successfully study its material (as well as do all the practical work). Next, work through the Advanced CCNA material – our in-depth tutorials that detail the main topics of switching and routing.

The second part of the preparation is

  • Take courses Cisco ENCOR 1.0 and Cisco ENARSI 1.0;
  • Work through the material of old courses ( Cisco ROUTE 2.0 + Cisco SWITCH 2.0 + Cisco DESGN 3.0 );
  • Study webinars from the Advanced CCNP cycle;

Why don’t we have a division into “preparation for the CCIE-lab” and “preparation for passing the CCNP Enterprise exams”?

The fact is that starting from a certain time, Cisco moved away from the principle “the CCIE-laboratory needs the same knowledge that is in the CCNP-track, only deeper and more detailed”, and topics that are not on the track began to appear on the lab. That is, before, a person who had studied the CCNP Routing and Switching courses perfectly could go and try to take the CCIE-lab, but now he needs to prepare with a guarantee. Therefore, boot camp is no longer just “training for the delivery of the laboratory”, but also the study of what was not at CCNP.