ServerWala Reviews: Why You Need a Dedicated Server UAE for Online Business

ServerWala Reviews: Why You Need a Dedicated Server UAE for Online Business

Running an online business successfully demands a reliable and robust hosting server. Many users start to host their web business on a shared server. The shared server might be effective when the traffic volume is low and your business website does not require independent web resources. However, as soon as your online business begins to grow, all the constraints of the shared server affect your business website’s performance.

Moreover, if you require to run multiple heavy-resource applications on your server, you must not think to pick a shared server at any stage. In this article, you will get insights into the hosting server that can render solutions to every kind of online business needs – Cheap Dedicated Server UAE Plans. Let us start with apprehending the term ‘UAE dedicated server’.

Know About Dedicated Server UAE

The dedicated server in UAE provides an independent and private platform to host your business website. With the dedicated server hosting in UAE, you acquire the support of the entire server solely for your online business. You only have to lend the server or server space. Your hosting provider takes full responsibility for maintaining the building, handling infrastructure, securing the server space, and monitoring the facility. You will be free from any of these responsibilities and can effortlessly host your website.

However, you must find one of the renowned and trustworthy dedicated server providers in UAE. You must make sure that the rest of things are taken care of while you deal with your dedicated server UAE. Let us introduce you to one such hosting company – Serverwala. The Serverwala hosting company renders cheap dedicated servers in UAE along with world-class hosting services. Jump to the following section to know more about the hosting company.

About Serverwala Cloud Data Center

Serverwala is among the most recognized and influential dedicated server providers in UAE in the corporate world. The Serverwala hosting company provides the best-dedicated server UAE with enterprise-grade hardware.  You will be able to buy a dedicated server in UAE at the most affordable price from the company. Further, the company aims to offer complete transparency of server costing through the dashboard. You will get easy access to the full billing through the dashboard to perceive the comprehensive of services. Moreover, with the cheap UAE dedicated servers, the high-class hosting facility will not be compromised in any way. Check out the Best Advantages of the Serverwala dedicated Hosting in UAE

Benefits of  Serverwala UAE Based Dedicated Server

●     Hardware RAID

Your online business will get support for RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10 with the Serverwala dedicated server in UAE. You can buy them at cheap rates whenever required.

●     Premium Bandwidth

The Serverwala cheap UAE dedicated servers come with the fastest network. Your online company will receive the chance to endure from 100 Mb/s to GBPS bandwidth. Your business website will work productively with the premium bandwidth.

●     Private VLAN Subnets

With the company’s UAE dedicated server hosting you will be able to build private server clusters. These clusters will be created employing the 10Gbps virtual LAN subnets.

●     Robust Network

The Serverwala UAE-based dedicated server has high network connectivity. The company connects its robust network among multiple Internet Exchanges.  It will organize – Bandwidth, Extreme-IX, DE-CIX, Extreme-IX NIXI, from industry-leading service providers.

●     IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

The Serverwala UAE dedicated server hosting renders one IPv4 and IPv6 address to your website. Moreover, you will be able to purchase more IPs at additional prices.

●     Service Level Agreement

The Serverwala company offers service level agreement with its UAE Based Dedicated Server. It guarantees 100% uptime with the experience of the highest levels of the network. Your website will be able to acquire an enhanced visitors ratio swiftly.

●     Top-Tier Server Equipment

The Serverwala dedicated server hosting in UAE exercises accelerated servers. Your website will have state-of-the-art hosting components. It will acquire colossal storage and Intel CPU for fast processing.

●     DDoS Protection

The company provides dedicated server hosting in UAE with a high level of data security. Your website will acquire an SSL certificate and 2048 encryption security with all the Serverwala dedicated hosting plans. You will be able to connect your dedicated server internally with your private cloud server without getting obstructed by any external networks.

Why Do You Need Dedicated Server Hosting in UAE?

The mentioned below are some of the crucial factors that explain the need for a dedicated server hosting in UAE –

Dedicated IP address

You require to establish the unique identity of your online business to make its smooth advancement. When your business website shares the IP address, its SEO ranking can get affected by the other websites’ functioning. With the dedicated server UAE, your business website acquires the dedicated IP address. The single IP address improves your website performs the greatest potential ranking on the search engines.

Independent web resources

The dedicated server hosting in UAE renders independent web resources. All your server resources such as disk space, OS, RAM, CPU, bandwidth, etc., will function solely for your website. The dedicated resources let your business website manage the traffic peak and other operations efficiently.

Complete control

The dedicated server hosting in UAE provides you full control of your server. You will get root access. It will permit you to configure and customize your dedicated server UAE in the best way.

High flexibility

You acquire high flexibility with your dedicated server UAE. You get the possibility to scale your web resources quickly and easily. You can install and run any number of applications and programs needed for your online business.

Way to Choose the Right Dedicated Server for Website in UAE

As discussed in the previous section, the dedicated server UAE renders various privileges and advantages. However, to enjoy all these features of the dedicated server, you need to pick the right hosting provider. You must check on your hosting company whether it can provide you the apt facilities or not.

The Serverwala hosting company provides the perfect balance of charges and services. Dive into the next section to know about its best-dedicated server UAE plans and packages.

Serverwala Dedicated Server UAE Plans and Packages

They offer a low-cost dedicated server in UAE with manageable resources and hosting plans and packages. You will have a broad variety of choices to choose anyone. With each dedicated server hosting UAE, your website will acquire a premium network and low latency. It will become easily possible for your online website to acquire the highest uptime and least downtime.

You must consider to finally ensure that you are picking the right dedicated Hosting UAE plan for your online business. The customer reviews tell much more details about how the company’s services practically are. Therefore, here we are presenting the client reviews regarding Serverwala excellent Dedicated Server UAE.


The dedicated server can serve as a perfect solution for almost all kinds of online businesses. You must know that the Serverwala hosting company offers full-time professional support with all hosting plans. You will acquire technical and customer assistance from certified and experienced experts. They will provide you with instant solutions to all your server issues. Moreover, you can connect with the company’s professionals anytime to resolve your queries. They are available via different communication channels – Phone Calls, Email, Live Chat, Skype, Whatsapp. Browse Serverwala’s official website to grab more details about the best-dedicated server UAE –

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