VPS Philippines: For Fastest Business Growth

VPS Philippines: For Fastest Business Growth

Digitalization has changed all business models. The practices you followed a few years ago will not work for you in the future. To be successful in the future, you must expand your business online. The term VPS Philippines refers to a type of web hosting that offers you dedicated private resources such as RAM, CPU, bandwidth, and storage exclusively for your website while having a server located in the Philippines. With a VPS, you will not have to share any resources or server environment with your neighbors.

To get online, you’ll need a hosting service, which is a real challenge. To keep costs down at first, Filipinos usually opt for shared hosting.

No doubt, Shared hosting works well for business websites that are small and struggling to get traffic. But once you receive high traffic, you will require a hosting solution that can accommodate your high traffic and provide you better resources and security.

After shared hosting, the two best options that come to mind are Dedicated hosting and VPS Hosting Philippines.

The decision to upgrade to dedicated hosting right after shared hosting will be an insane decision due to its high cost and overabundant resources.

So what’s the best decision? It’s VPS Philippines.

However, VPS is best suitable for small to medium-sized businesses that want the highest uptime, advanced security protection, reliability, flexibility, and, most importantly, customization options. With a VPS server, you can get nearly everything that a Dedicated server offers.

To know more about VPS Hosting Philippines, read the below-given sections.

4 Advantages of Using VPS Server Philippines

Though there are a lot of advantages of having a vps server philippines, here I have mentioned only a few of them.

1. Superfast Speed and Performance

One of the primary determinants of your site loading times is the hosting service you use. If you opt for shared hosting, you must know that shared hosting restricts your access to server resources and does not allow you to run the type of applications you want.

Though for some site owners, shared hosting offers adequate performance, while something faster and more scalable is necessary for others.

The VPS Philippines service enables you to have a dedicated, super fast speed and high-performance server environment solely dedicated to your website. With VPS, an organization can launch a resource-intensive web app, manage its eCommerce operations, and provide rich content on a VPS hosting solution. As long as they use dedicated and scalable resources, site owners can ensure fast load times regardless of how their content and digital marketing strategies change over time.

2. Your Own Unique IP Address

With Shared hosting, you get the shared IP address means and your website, there will be many other websites that will share the same address. However, hacking of one website will leave all other websites vulnerable.

On the other hand, the dedicated IP address provided by the VPS Philippines Server will only be used for your domain. This means the malicious activities of other websites will not affect your site and hence will give you complete privacy and security protection.

3. Server Customization available

With a Philippines VPS Server, you can customize your OS according to your needs. For example, if you have customized instances of PHP, MySQL, and Apache, you can modify them according to your requirements.

4. Unbeatable Security

Security is one of the many benefits of VPS Hosting Philippines. The virtualized technology separates your site from any other sites on the server. Because of this, any changes made to other sites will not affect you. Along with this, VPS Philippines also offers advanced security measures such as end-to-end encryption, DDoS protection, malware scan and removal, software to detect threats in advance, firewalls, etc. to protect your website from all potential threats.

Signs indicating you need a VPS Hosting Philippines

VPS Philippines
  • When Shared hosting is not sufficient to accommodate the expansion of your business.
  • Your website is expecting to receive high traffic in the upcoming months. For example, you’re planning a new marketing campaign or expanding into another market.
  • In the near future, you plan on hosting more than one website, or perhaps several websites.
  • You have exhausted all the resources available on your shared account, and your host tells you to upgrade your plan.
  • Your website requires more resources, security, speed, and performance.
  • You want complete control over your server, which is unavailable with shared hosting.

Factors to Choose Best VPS Hosting Provider in the Philippines

When choosing the best hosting provider, you need to consider a number of factors. Here are a few of them:

–      Plans with Unlimited Space, Storage, or Bandwidth

Even though hosting providers promote free space, storage, and bandwidth, they cap it at a certain amount. Check their terms to determine whether their unlimited plans really will be unlimited.

–      High-Quality Resources

Make sure your web host provides you with high-quality resources for managing your site. This is because every time, you cannot get dependent on your hosting provider. However, with quality resources, you will face fewer problems and require less assistance from your provider.

–      Additional Services

Ensure that your hosting provider will provide regular data backups, fix any bugs that arise, and update the server-side software. You will save a lot of time by taking advantage of these additional services. 

–      Assurance of reliability

Your website will always be available online if you have a reliable web hosting provider. You will not crash or lose connection unnecessarily. Additionally, your hosting provider will take responsibility to protect your website from hackers. They will also offer you excellent customer service when you run into trouble.

–      Managed vs. Unmanaged VPS

Another thing that you need to discuss with the prospective provider is whether the VPS Philippines will be managed or unmanaged. Managed virtual private servers give you less control, but they are maintained and updated by the provider, who also backs up your data. IN contrast, you will have a lot of responsibilities if you use an unmanaged server. If you are comfortable with technology, then you are qualified for this task. If not, then let the experts handle it.

–      Customer support

Last but not least, you should inquire about the support options you can expect from the provider. Don’t choose a provider who doesn’t provide 24/7 support. This is because, for running a successful business, it is fundamental that you assist your customers when they have a problem. In addition, you should also check business review sites to learn what users have to say about support availability and quality.

Wisesolution: The best VPS Hosting Philippines provider

The above content must have encouraged you to start looking for a web hosting provider in the Philippines that can offer all the above services. The one such name I know in this industry is Wisesolution.

Wisesolution is the leading web hosting company that can handle almost all your hosting needs. With a wide range of hosting options and features, it fits almost your every need. Additionally, the company offers domain registration, website security, and SSL certificates, among other essentials. The data centers of Wisesolution are located throughout the world, so customers can choose to host their websites in the US, Thailand, Canada, Romania, Philippines, UAE, India and many more.

The majority of hosting types permit customers to select which operating system to use (Linux or Windows). This will hardly affect their pricing. Plans are presented based on hosting type, but there are 4 plans. Choose the one that fits best to your budget and business needs.


No matter what business size you are already running or planning to start, VPS Philippines is the best fit for your business growth. Its dedicated resources such as RAM, CPU, Storage, and bandwidth will enhance the performance of your website and help it achieve top search engine ranking.

For the cheapest price and the best resources, I recommend signing up with wisesolution. The company is best known for its high-quality resources and services at a minimal price. So what are you waiting for? Invest in VPS Hosting Philippines for your business website before your competitors take over your business.

Happy Hosting!

Honey Sriwas

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