Here Are the Top 3 Tips to Keep Your Boiler in the Best Condition

Here Are the Top 3 Tips to Keep Your Boiler in the Best Condition

Boilers are an essential part of equipment in houses. You install them to protect your family members and yourself from the cold. It helps in keeping your home warm by creating hot water or steam. There are different types of boilers that you can buy, such as the Williamson boiler, for different purposes.

But a boiler for commercial use can come under a lot of stress that can take a toll on its efficiency and lifespan. That is why it becomes crucial to keep your boiler in the best condition possible to keep it working to perfection. Not only this, by keeping your boiler in its best condition, you can save money on operating costs. But do not worry, we are here to help you learn how you can do that. Here are the top 3 tips that will help you keep your boiler in its best condition.

Tip 1. Regular cleaning is a must

If there’s one thing you can not skip if you want to keep your boiler in the best condition, it is its regular cleaning. After some time, the inside of your boiler tubes can be a build-up of residues like soot, hard water deposits, scale, and other contaminants. This can lead to reducing the heat transfer efficiency of your boiler by up to 10 percent. This debris forms a coat on the side of your boiler tubes that decreases the efficiency of your boiler. The longer you ignore this accumulation, the less heat your boiler will provide. So, make sure that your boiler gets regular cleaning, at least once every year. This brings me to my next point.

Tip 2. Always hire professional boiler technicians

In the previous point, I mentioned that it is extremely important for you to get your boiler cleaned regularly. But it is not a very wise decision to do it yourself. While you can use brushes and chemicals to carry out this task, you may not be able to get good results. 

There is no doubt that boilers are expensive, and there’s always a chance of you damaging the boiler while cleaning it. That is why it is better to leave the cleaning process of your boiler to the experts. They have the skills and tools required for the job and know what has to be done. 

Tip 3. Pay attention to the quality of water

Another crucial tip that you should keep in mind is checking the water quality in your boiler. The clear water, free from debris or oil residue, indicates that the boiler is in good condition. But if the quality of water in the boiler is poor, it can take a toll on its health. Dirty water is a major cause of problems with a boiler like wet steam and short cycling.

So, here you go, these were the top 3 tips that you should keep in mind to keep your boiler in the best condition. By following these tips, you can also save money on your energy bills.

Ranny Watson