How to Help Your Kids Burn Off Energy

How to Help Your Kids Burn Off Energy

Kids of every young age are known to have a lot of energy. Most parents know that this childhood phase can be incredibly fun, but also hard to handle at times. This is especially true with toddlers. You will usually hear that you need to have a variety of activities that would keep the child busy. 

The worst option is to leave him or her in front of a TV or a tablet – although it might occupy his attention, the need to move, jump, run, climb, will not be addressed properly, and this will have its consequences. To positively address the need for physical activity, one has to build healthy habits from early on, so you should enrich your child’s daily routine with some fun exercises.

Some fun activities to burn energy

To avoid the risks of getting bored and frustrated, let’s take a look at some activities that can help your child use up the extra energy:  

Backyard obstacle course

Building DIY obstacle courses in your backyard will not only allow the development of gross motor skills and endurance, but it can also stimulate creativity and social skills. You don’t have to limit your kid, as you can think of so many different activities that can be incorporated – running, jumping, walking backward, climbing, throwing, skipping, and kicking. You can record times between different takes. They can go for several takes to break their own record – this is a great way to burn energy, especially if the course is nicely planned.  

Animal movement

Who doesn’t remember the joy of making animal noises and pretending to be one of them while in kindergarten? This is a remarkable exercise both for the imagination and for the body. Crawling, jumping, “flying” or hiding are only some of the activities that can be used to learn and to exhaust the reservoir of energy before well-deserved nap time. 

Break the record

This exercise can be thought of as an ongoing competition – you can count the number of push-ups, sit-ups or measure the time your kid can stand on one leg. Your kid can try to track the results and try to outdo the previous record. 


Moving to music and rhythm is a known way to entertain a group of kids. For 10 – 15 minutes, you can make a fun mix that will vary in tempo and rhythm and incorporate various routines. This will help your kid organize and memorize different movements, which improves spatial skills. 

Playground climbing and trampoline jumping

What’s better than a fully equipped indoor playground that allows your toddler or preschooler to let them choose between all sorts of slides, trampolines, or a spider tower? Professionals at Uptown Jungle Murrieta offer a variety of activities to make sure that your kid wears out the energy, socializes, and continues to develop spatial orientation. Building confidence has great benefits in the development of any child, so be positive and encourage your kid to try out a new activity. 

Plan ahead and stick to the plan!

If you’ve already decided which activities to include in the daily plan, it’s also important to know when to start and when to stop. Sometimes, high-energy exercises are necessary to give your family peace of mind. Improvisation is sometimes necessary, but too much of it will most likely lead to you being exhausted and your kid not knowing what to do next, which is frustrating. Information about Konkursy kid contests and programs are easily available on the internet and some of them even offer free registration.

Let’s say you save the last 10 minutes of every hour for one of such activities. In between, you can let the energy simmer by playing some tabletop games, strolling down the park, painting, and playing with puzzles. As they grow, you’ll see that your kids will stick to those activities that they find most rewarding for themselves.