How to Use Woven Labels?

How to Use Woven Labels?

To begin with, cloth tags are some of the simplest and most reliable tools for organizing the family wardrobe. Say goodbye to laundry day mix-ups and arguments over ownership with personalized name labels. Cloth tags are of particular use for sorting out sportswear and uniforms of all sorts and will help in avoiding locker room confusions.

Fashion and lifestyle businesses, like boutiques, tailoring businesses and dress designers, can use clothing labels as an effective marketing strategy. Adding an elegant, discreet garment label with the brand name or logo will help build market presence. Consider designing the tags in your brand colors for greater impact.


Finally, cloth tags also make it easy to keep a track of your clothes when away from home. College students and holidaymakers have to use common laundry rooms or services. Adding name tags to clothes reduces the changes of exchanges and mix-ups.

Woven Clothing Label Designs

Clothing labels come in several designs and patterns:


Standard Labels: These are dual colored with different contrasting shades for the text and background. Classic black and white remains a popular choice for labels. However, you can also choose a different background color for each family member. A simple rule for designing standard clothes labels is to choose high contrast color combinations.

Labels with Sparkly Text: Consider using sparkly text when designing labels for kids, especially little girls. Teens also tend to like these elegant designs and will love the chance to customize their favorite tees and jeans.

Again, labels with sparkly text are a good option for exclusive apparel stores. The shimmering text of the label effortlessly draws the eye, making them look elegant and effective marketing tools.

Care Tapes: Dress designers can significantly improve customer satisfaction levels by investing in care tapes. Many people may prefer to wash even delicate pieces at home instead of using professional dry cleaners. Adding a care tape ensures that items are handled correctly, regardless of who does the cleaning.


Woven Gift Ribbons: These are a great way to personalize presents and merchandise. Elegant gift ribbons add visual appeal to your packaging. They are also powerful advertising tools. Specially designed gift ribbons also increase the festive cheer at holiday parties. Your guests and recipients are sure to appreciate the gesture.

Use these tips to get the maximum use out of your woven labels.

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