How To Bring Italian Design Into Your Home Without Adding Roman Columns

How To Bring Italian Design Into Your Home Without Adding Roman Columns

Anyone who has traveled to Italy can tell you how memorable and beautiful Italian design can be. With a little effort and thought, you can bring that traditional and cozy style into your home, and it doesn’t even require adding Roman columns to the structure.

In small, but beautiful ways, you can add Italian pottery and style elements to your home that can easily transform a space into one reminiscent of a charming Italian villa. These are timeless design concepts that highlight the vibrant, colorful art found in modern Italian decor. With art traditions that span from rustic chic to elegant extravagance, Italian ceramics can bring this beauty into your home.

Celebrate color

Italian art is known for its reliance on warm colors that create an inviting sense of comfort while maintaining a traditional style. This stems from the many centuries of Italian history and tradition, giving its art this shared rich foundation of warm tones and rustic accents. This hallmark of Italian design concepts is still common throughout the country, most clearly seen through the use of color as a dynamic accent in both architectures and in home decor design, such as pottery.

This is all a celebration of Italy’s breathtaking landscapes and vivid scenery found in the hills and foliage. It is replicated in art, through actual images of this scenery on pottery or by using the inspiration of colors found in nature. It is bold and beautiful and part of a proud artistic tradition.

Think small, dream big

You may be thinking that transforming your home into an Italian villa requires ripping out old floors for Italian porcelain or tearing off roofs in favor of colorful ceramic tiles. But your interior design tasks do not have to be so complicated, let alone expensive. There also is no need to seek out an original Italian oil painting to promote your love of this design.

Start small in your efforts, but think big in your design aspirations. Think about decorative pieces, or a collection of dinner plates, or ceramic cups hand-painted with the colors of Italy’s most beautiful regions. This does not have to be expensive. In fact, once you find the style you most appreciate from the variety of Italian art styles found in different regions, you can find reasonably priced options. Perhaps a young, unknown Italian ceramic artist is selling their latest pieces for a fraction of the cost of what an established artist might sell for.

Do mix, don’t match

When it comes to decorating homes, many people believe it is best to focus on what matches. But what they should focus on is what inspires them. It is ok not to stick to the same design or even style when selecting pieces of Italian pottery you use to decorate your home. Your dinnerware, for example, may be more of a celebration of Tuscan traditions with darker colors, but a ceramic piece on your bedroom nightstand might be more reminiscent of the bold and dynamic colors of the Mediterranean,

You might choose more rustic styles for kitchen pieces, while favoring more modern, even extravagant variations for pieces in a living room. Think about what Italian ceramic styles inspire you and focus on mixing those as needed, without worrying about whether everything matches. Each piece will stand out on its own and has its own story to tell.

Start where your home’s heart lives

Do not become overwhelmed by the idea of redecorating your entire home. Start in one room, ideally the kitchen, because this represents the heart of your home in Italian culture. This is where everyone gathers, where tradition is celebrated and milestones are marked. Consider adding a set of plates made or inspired by the great traditions of Italian ceramics. Then perhaps you can add cups, serving dishes, pitchers, and decorative pieces throughout the kitchen.

Whether you consider Italian rustic or elegant designs, you can use the many varieties of the country’s pottery designs to transform your home into a beautiful Italian villa.